Thieves Clip Hair From Horse Manes, Tails
Associated Press

RAPID CITY, S.D. - Investigators in the Rapid City area are looking into some unusual thefts: horsehair.

Jerry Derr, investigative chief for the South Dakota Brand Board, is investigating reports that two 1 1/2-year-old fillies and another horse have had varying portions of their tails and manes clipped. The thief or thieves probably are selling or trading the horsehair, Derr said.

Caballo, a Spanish mustang, has lost about two-thirds of her dark tail and nearly all of the right side of her mane over the last two months. Caballo's owner, Terrence Aisenbrey, said the double mane is distinctive of Spanish mustangs.

Sundance, a palomino quarter horse also owned by Aisenbrey, has lost much of her mane and tail as well. Another Aisenbrey horse, a 23-year-old black and white paint, has lost much of her mane.

The horsehair thieves have struck several times since the end of summer. The most recent incident was early in December. "It's somebody who knew what they were doing," Aisenbrey said.

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