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    VA - Brenda Davidson, 13, Woodbridge, 4 March 1974


    Lisa Davidson was just seven when her oldest sister Brenda disappeared. She remembers very little of that day. "My mom just told us that Lisa didn't come home from school," Lisa told Dateline. "I know they reported her missing, but nothing really happened after that." It was March 4, 1974 when Brenda was last seen. She was four days away from her 14th birthday, and was the eldest of five siblings...

    When Lisa was in her early 20s, she began to grow more and more curious about the sister who disappeared all those years ago...What she discovered was several strings of rumors and theories, each the more puzzling than the next.

    A woman at the local bus station in town told authorities she remembered a girl resembling Brenda purchasing a bus ticket the afternoon Brenda disappeared. But the woman couldn't recall the ticket's destination. A story later emerged that the woman also told police she took the young girl to the bank with her before the girl was set to board the bus, as she was nervous about the girl being at the station all alone.

    There is also a record of two classmates of Brenda's saying they walked her to the bus station that day. Lisa tracked the boys, both now adults. Both told her they didn't walk Brenda to the station that day.

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    I find it troubling that there are so many theories and stories around this girl's vanishing. That story about the woman esp seems off.

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    Center for Missing and Exploited Children Helps Woman Search for Sister Missing for 43 Years


    Rumors say Brenda snuck out of school and took a bus to run away, but there’s never been proof she bought a ticket or boarded a bus.

    Lisa, her sister, said her parents felt helpless and grew frustrated with the investigation. One phone call between her mother and a detective still stings.
    “He said that they ruled her as a runaway and that my mom was an unfit mother,” Lisa said.

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    We are here to help. I will do my best to not cause any hindrance, in any manner.
    I will at times, "think out loud." I have done this since I can remember.
    I will share my opinions. Thoughts. Insights. And I encourage everyone else to do the same.
    Let's find them, and bring them home!

    We Are All One Human Race!

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