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Poll: Giraffe or Crime ?

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    Latest news:
    "Giraffe Fakes Pregnancy: Leads to Kidnapping"
    Zoo officials stated, "Mostly white adult female giraffe faked her pregnancy to keep her much younger boyfriend. She then went on to abduct a very tall zoo visitor, in an attempt to keep up the charade. Charges are pending."

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    My family knows me well enough that even though I have a lot of interests (in fact before coming into WS tonight I was busy trying to ID a lost segment of a silent film short) it is not like WS completely consumes all my spare time outside of work - though my husband thinks I spend too much time on Tom Tyler (the gentleman in my avatar) but I think he is a wee bit jealous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tricia View Post
    Without a doubt. Try being the one who owns the forum. LOL Those close to me have assumed I'm nuts for a loooong time.
    CARIIS thanks for starting this poll. I posted it in the red scroll at the top of the page
    They posted that they think she may be in active labor. If you are not watching you may want to today, I need to get laundry done before Easter so I hope it is today.

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    I can watch a giraffe on Websleuths?

    Do you have a link for that?

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