'It's over, and Granny got her justice,' daughter said

An orphan at age 3, Agnes Schmidt never complained about anything, not when her husband traveled for work, not when she was widowed 14 years ago, and not the occasional physical problems a 92-year-old would experience.

Schmidt's family was left heartbroken after their matriarch, known simply as Granny, was killed May 31, 2004, in a manner that makes "brutal" seem a cruel understatement.

On Friday, the nightmare ended.

"It's over, and Granny got her justice," said Schmidt's daughter, Rita Zarnick, moments after a jury convicted David Ream, Schmidt's 51-year-old alcoholic next-door neighbor, of first-degree felony murder. "If anyone should complain, it was my mom," Zarnick said. "She never had a family, except for the one she raised. But she never complained. I truly believe she was content."