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    Dog Chews Off Sleeping Man's Toes

    (Arizona) - An Arizona man's dog didn't live up to being man's best friend. While sleeping, Frank Monarrez's dog chewed off three of his toes. Because he is diabetic, he didn't feel a thing. "The doctor even said she's been doing this for years and never seen a case like this in her life, never. This is the first time she's seen anything this bad," Monarrez said. He is an amputee and his dog Baby D could have made him a double amputee, but he is handling the situation well. He said his entire foot could have been gnawed off. "It's laughable after the fact, but it wouldn't be laughable if it was more serious and I had to end up having my foot amputated. Then I'd be a double amputee and that's one thing I didn't want," he said. Baby D has been quarantined.


    Goodness...remind me not to sleep with my dog anymore. Wouldn't that be so bad....getting up to discover that you only had two toes. I bet he was surprised!

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    Due to poor oxygenation of distal joints the dog was probably attracted to the "meat".

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