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    Podcast Episodes

    I run a podcast that will cover Todd Kohlhepp in the upcoming season.
    I'm currently conducting interviews with people related to the case.
    I'd like to know what questions you guys still feel are unanswered, so I don't miss something important.

    Also, I'm trying to track Todd's movements since the Superbike murders. I feel there has to be more victims. So if anyone can help with that, it would be greatly appreciated and credit will be given on air.

    If you wish to remain anonymous, please PM me.

    Thank you,

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    Hi TJC! Can you tell us what podcast that is?

    I have a good number of questions, but the ones I would like to see answered the most are:

    1) Did TK has access to a plane? He was a licensed pilot, and I would love to see any flight records on him, if there are any.
    2) Are there any people who bought homes from him that noticed anything weird? Differences from when they first saw it and when they moved in? The idea of him having access to so many vacant homes makes my skin crawl.
    3) What was the exact last day of his employment at Seven Sons? All I can find is 11/2003. Superbike happened 11/6/2003. I'd like to know the date and the circumstances surrounding his exit from SS.
    4) Was it common knowledge to the customers of Superbike that a .357 was kept behind the counter?
    5) Who did TK want to send money to, and was it actually sent prior to the lawsuit smackdown? (The Sheriff said he had no problem with this request, but I don't know if it actually happened)

    I'd also love to know anything and everything about the relationship between he and his mother.

    Here is all I have about him post Superbike, up to the Coxie's being murdered by him. it's very vague and probably not helpful.

    2004-2007 Tk is a student at the University of South Carolina.Upstate.
    3/25/2006 TK receives his pilots license. from the FAA
    5/1/2006 TK applies for his Real Estate license and lies his face off about the 1986 conviction for kidnapping. Completely omits the rape.
    6/30/2006 TK becomes licensed to sell Real Estate
    1/31/2007 TK buys his house in Moore, SC.
    11/15/2007 TKs address is listed as 612 Mesa Lane, Moore SC. This address is also associated with his Grandfather.
    8/20/2008 End residence at the Mesa Lane address.
    9/13/2013 TK is added to the FAAs prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database
    5/29/2014 TK buys a 95 acre parcel of land near Woodruff, SC.
    9/10/2014 A survey of the Woodruff property is filed on behalf of TK. It appears to have been done on 6/18/14.

    Sources linked here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...890/edit#gid=0

    I go back and forth on whether he has other victims. Sometimes I think of course he must, and that very possibly the nature of those killings could be very different than what we know about him, as part of what we know if that he doesn't necessarily have a particular MO. In that sense, the sky could be the limit. Unlimited methodology, unlimited victim pools, unlimited locations.

    On the other hand, based on his actions, he almost eager sounding confessions, and his juvenile psych reports, I get the feeling that if he does have other victims that he would have confessed to them already. As far as I can tell, there was NO REASON for him to confess to Superbike, but he did right way.

    He's an odd one, to say the least.
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    Thanks! The show is called Judge and Jury. Right now I'm covering Darlie Routier. I've taken a couple weeks off from that case because I'm changing up the format. I've been going over the transcripts, so the listeners can decide for themselves what happened instead of what my opinion may be. But in doing it this way, it feels to me like I'm boring them to death. So I'm recording all the transcript episodes that are left, and I'm going to post them all at once. So people can skip if they want. Then I'm going into the new format, which will also be used for this TK case.

    I truly believe there has to be more victims. Or something big that kept him from killing for all those years in between. And we know he wasn't in prison. I'm trying to do a profile as well with an investigator. Especially since his MO changed between killings.

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    Thanks for the link to the spreadsheet. I've been putting the info into a timeline software that I have. It's chilling. Nowhere near done but it's already pointing to some chunks of time that need to be investigated heavily. I'll link it when I'm done.

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