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    Man, 33, seeks puberty

    Lawrence Koomson is a doctor living and working in London. On the face of it, he seems no different from any other young man but Lawrence has a secret.

    At 33, he has never been through puberty. He's never had a spot. He's never had an erection. And he's trapped in the body of a 12-year-old boy.

    But this all changed in April 2005, when he began treatment to bring on puberty.

    "I feel an outsider, different to everyone else," he said before the treatment. "People take going through puberty for granted; it's just something that happens. For me it has just never happened."

    Lawrence has Kallmann's syndrome, a rare condition affecting predominantly men, but also women. A small area in the brain called the hypothalamus cannot work properly causing a hormonal imbalance.

    For men like Lawrence, this means his body doesn't produce testosterone, which prevents puberty being triggered. Another characteristic of Kallmann's syndrome is an absent sense of smell.


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    What's a "spot"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ISPTRAX
    What's a "spot"?
    I took that to mean a pimple. This guy must have flawless skin.

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    I'm wondering why he didn't seek treatment for this before? I wouldn't want the world to know that I'd never had a "spot" or an erection...

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    BBC News
    "In terms of penile length we're talking about a resting length of about four centimetres, and for a chap of Lawrence's size that shows that development hasn't occurred as yet."

    The treatment consists of six implants in the buttock, which release 200 milligrams of testosterone over six months. He will be dependent on implants for the rest of his life.

    "In extreme situations, I've seen people not being able to handle the testosterone treatment, developing erections lasting hours and hours, and in one case up to 36 hours.

    Lawrence received his long awaited implants in April 2005. The next day, he was glued to the mirror watching and waiting for changes. What will happen first? A spot? An erection? Or signs of a beard?

    By day three, he experienced a first.

    "It happened today. I was so scared I wasn't sure if it was going to or not going to. I had an erection!

    "It really woke me up! It lasted 10-15 minutes. I was happy! I wanted to call the doctor but it was too early in the morning."
    Much more at link.

    He got his first erection! Poor guy, having to wait 33 years for it. I wonder if his intelligence level dropped at all, now that he'll have THAT body part doing most of his thinking for him.
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    I say better late than never. At least he had the common sense to do some thing about it. If I had been living near to himI would have thrown a party for his first erection.... & a cake wwith a huge erect ..penis on it. or a candle ..whatever....

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