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    Couple Having Sex Forces Plane Landing

    Forced Airplane Landing In Bermuda Because of:

    'Sex rage' couple facing $34,000 bill

    (Royal Gazette--12/12/05)


    A couple who forced a plane to land in Bermuda after they attacked cabin crew who stopped them having sex are facing a $34,000 bill for their pleasure.

    It said stunned passengers watched in horror as the randy couple attacked cabin crew after being told to return to their seats.

    They shouted abuse and spat as they grappled with the British Airways staff who forced them back into their business class seats.

    And despite being restrained with plastic handcuffs, the pilot decided he had no choice but to divert the 777 jet to Bermuda.

    The "sex rage" incident, as The Sun described it, began when they started drinking heavily on the ten-hour flight from Gatwick to Kingston, Jamaica on Monday.

    They joined the "mile-high club" in one of the loos. But after their noisy passion was overheard by flight staff they were ordered out and went berserk.

    A passenger said: "They were asked politely to return to their seats but went ballistic. They were shouting vile abuse and spitting at staff." Another said: "The captain tried to calm them down but they were just as abusive to him."

    lol, read more at link http://www.theroyalgazette.com/apps/...NEWS/112090122

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