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    Ground Rules and Guidelines

    Welcome to the latest, all new, featured forum on Websleuths.com, POLITIVENT, designed to provide a venue for members with an eye on Capitol Hill to present and discuss their views.

    What this forum is NOT, is a place to lambaste, or sling mud and arrows at fellow members.
    Unlike any other forum on Websleuths, POLITIVENT is unmoderated for the most part. Our Mod Team is stretched to the limit, working very hard to ensure that the rest of the board runs smoothly. They are extremely dedicated volunteers, who signed on because of their interest in missing persons and true crime. As a
    rule, political discussions are contentious, and nerve wracking to moderate. It would be unfair to expect that of our volunteers.

    That stated, we have developed a limited set of ground rules, which apply exclusively to POLITIVENT, separate and apart from every other area of Websleuths.

    • Post at your own risk. When you present an opinion, expect opposition, and be prepared to answer questions, and defend your view. That comes with the territory. As stated above, mods will not answer alerts to settle squabbles and bickering. If you have a serious concern or questions about the forum, you can
      address them in a private message or email (politivent@gmail.com), to Tricia and/or Bessie.

    • Absolutely NO name calling and attacking other members will be allowed. This offense will earn you an automatic 72 hour (or longer) Time Out. For example: “You must be out of your mind”;
      “What an idiotic idea.”; “You’re a moron/dimwit/imbecile.”

    • Absolutely NO outlandish conspiracy theories will be allowed.

    • Sources – As usual, mainstream media (MSM) sources and official press releases take priority over all other sources.

    • Most blogs are allowed as sources, for example, Breitbart, Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Washington Post, etc. As of now, banned blogs include Zero Hedge and Info Wars.

    • Where applicable, please use this date format at the beginning of thread titles: year.mo.day.
      Ex. 2017.04.18 (date of event, not the date you start the thread). This will provide a chronology, and aid in finding specific topics, by using the sort feature at the bottom of each thread page.
      Since the emphasis is on events, this shouldn’t present a problem

    • The Copyright Rule still applies.

    • As always, the three most basic “rules” should be observed here, and throughout the board: courtesy, respect, and common sense.

    • The above is subject to change at any time.
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    Always give generously of yourself to support your beliefs. And when you're knocked down, give more.

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