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    FL - Jacquelyn 'Jackie' Markham, 51, Callahan, 14 Dec 2000


    Endangered Missing Adult

    If you believe you have any information regarding this case that will be helpful in this investigation please contact:
    Nassau County Sheriff's Office at (904) 225-0331

    Name: Jacquelyn Lorraine Markham
    Classification: Endangered Missing Adult
    Alias / Nickname: Jackie
    Date of Birth: 1949-08-29
    Date Missing: 2000-12-14
    From City/State: Callahan, FL
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 51
    Gender: Female
    Race: White
    Height: 66 inches
    Weight: 150 pounds
    Hair Color: Lt. Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Complexion: Light

    Identifying Characteristics: Brown sunspot on left arm, pierced ears.
    Clothing: Orange short sleeved shirt with round collar, blue jean overall pants, athletic shoes.
    Jewelry: One to one and a half carat pear shaped diamond ring, gold bracelets, opal ring, watch.

    Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Jackie was last seen at Eckerd Drug Store just before 7:00pm. Her vehicle was located in her garage.

    Investigative Agency: Nassau County Sheriff's Office
    Phone: (904) 225-0331
    Investigative Case #: 200006707
    NCIC #: M-291245851

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    Its been 5 years but the family is still looking for this young looking Grandmother!


    Family Of Missing Woman Continues To Search For Answers

    CALLAHAN, Fla. -- After years of holding out hope, the family of a missing Callahan woman is no closer to finding out what happened to her.

    Thursday marked the five-year anniversary of the disappearance of Jackie Markham.

    Her family said the mother and grandmother would never leave without telling someone, leading them to believe something awful happened.

    Channel 4's Nancy Rubin spoke with Markham's family.

    "She has grandchildren who ask where she is. How do you explain what happened, to a child who doesn't know what disappeared means?" said Markham's daughter, Melissa Myrick.

    Five years ago, Markham went out to a drug store near her Nassau County home to pick up a prescription. No one has seen the 51-year-old grandmother since.

    There were no leads, no suspects, and no answers for family members who frantically passed out fliers that holiday season and every season since.

    Now, with another Christmas around the corner, Markham's family continues to search for answers.

    "She would never walk out of our lives without telling us where she was going. We know she is not alive," Myrick said.

    Ann Dugger of the Jacksonville Justice Coalition has worked with Jackie Markham's family through the long difficult years.

    Dugger said there are many stories out there about what has happened to Markham, but that it is time to turn rumor into fact.

    "If she did decide to leave and start again, if she was abducted, if she was murdered. Whatever the answer is, this family needs an answer," Dugger said.

    "She was the most kind person ever. She would do anything for anyone and that's why this happened to her. Someone took advantage of her kindness," Myrick said.

    The $20,000 reward for information on Markham comes with no requirement that information lead to an arrest or conviction.

    The reward will go to anyone who has information that tells the family what happened to Markham.

    If you know anything, about her disappearance, please call the Nassau County Sheriff's Department at (904) 225-5174.

    Previous Stories:

    * March 1, 2002: Families Hope Billboards Will Bring Leads On Missing Persons

    Website created by the family:

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    boyfriend troubles?

    I went to the family website and tried to email about some image changes that need to be made but the email bounced back saying the account had been disabled or discontinued.

    In the meantime:
    She was scheduled to meet her boyfriend, Archie Carroll, for a date later in the evening. Carroll told authorities that she called him just before he left to pick her up at her residence. Markham said that a male acquaintance had arrived at her house unexpectedly and that he had been drinking. Carroll told her that he was still coming over, as he refused to let the other individual ruin their date. Markham agreed, but told Carroll to control his temper. She and the man had disappeared by the time Carroll arrived at her residence. . .
    Note:I added the bolding.
    Boyfriend's own statement places himself at her home that night. We only have his word that she was not there at the time he arrived. And we have his own word that he has a temper that he needed to "control." The purse was dumped within blocks (close enough to cast a shadow of suspicion but not too close) of a sort of homeless type person. (Living in a box car seems to qualify as sort of homeless to me.) This smells like a frame up to me. In fact it smells very much like boyfriend problems just going by what I have read so far.

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    Too bad about the email not working... but then, it must be really tough for the family to receive anonymous emails from "anybody".

    Some people's sense of humor leaves MUCH to be desired!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PonderingThings
    Too bad about the email not working... but then, it must be really tough for the family to receive anonymous emails from "anybody".

    Some people's sense of humor leaves MUCH to be desired!
    True. I was going to tell them that the pics on the photos section were way too large, in file size - not image size, especially for the number of images they had and it was triggering the geocities bandwidth limits that shut the site down for 30 mins to an hour after only a few page views. And then there were a few problems with the news links that need to be resolved. Oh, well. Onward and upward.

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    Sorry about email

    We unfortunately let the email expire. Sorry for the confusion. I received the information concerning the website and will fix when possible. We are interested in any information that anyone has about our case and will be happy to answer any emails (now that it is working again) to help find some justice. Thank for your concern and consideration. The family's email is findjackiemarkham@yahoo.com . Website is www.geocities.com/findjackiemarkham

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    Thanks for the kind response. I hope the answers needed are found soon.

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    have the both the boyfriend and the male aquantaince been given lie detector tests?

    if the boyfriend is telling the truth, all fingers point to the drunk friend. What was his alibi after she was found missing? Has his car been checked out?

    then again, maybe the boyfriend came to jackie's house, thought she was cheating on him with the male friend, and flew into a rage.

    maybe the serial killer had something to do with it, but i doubt it.

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    more info

    I recently received some info by email from a source connected with the findjackiemarkham website. I waited to post that info until I had asked for and received permission.

    I decided to post my emailed questions in black and the responses
    from the source in color:

    . . .One thing that seems odd to me about the case is that the mysterious male visitor who had been drinking (according to a news report) was not mentioned by name. I don't understand that unless her boy friend is claiming that she never told him who it was. If that's the way it was then it raises a red flag in my mind as to his truthfulness because having a mysterious, unnamed suspect is just too convenient for the boyfriend. . .
    . . .Thanks for the follow-up. Here are some clarifications.

    Unnamed person was actually named by the boyfriend. Unnamed person had an air tight alibi with several witnesses that placed him out of the state on that day. He also does not drink. He was a friend of Jackie's that she spent time with that boyfriend did not care for. Unnamed person is not considered a suspect.

    Knowing boyfriend or any man, seems unlikely that if your girlfriend called you and stated that see had a drunk man in her house uninvited but didn't want you come over because it could cause a problem that you would follow instructions.
    . . .
    . . .So then, if I understand you correctly, her boyfriend told L.E. (Law Enforcement) that she had called and told boyfriend that this allegedly drunk person was at her house and yet L.E. later finds this person was not in fact at her house at all?

    (Note: I mentioned the claim of drinking because boyfriend was quoted in a news article,if I remember right, as saying she told him someone was at her house & he had been drinking. If that person does not drink at all that is a pretty obvious lie to be telling but maybe he thought the guy was in state and thus might not have an alibi so the drinking lie might not stand out.)

    Did boyfriend have reason to think the alleged person would be in state on that day and thus told a lie not realizing it would be easily exposed as a lie? Was the out of state trip unusual or unscheduled, a last minute thing?

    I agree with your observation about not following directions in such a situation.

    From the very first it has bothered me that we seem to only have boyfriends word for so much of what happened. And then his own words place him at the scene which is handy for him in case of forensic evidence ever being considered. . .
    . . . Boyfriend had no idea that the named (unnamed person) was out of town. They live in Jacksonville. Unknown about frequency of trip but don't think boyfriend would have known either . . .

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    what sort of personality?

    It seems boyfriend might be one one of those psycopathic personalities that sometimes tell clumsy lies. Also when they are done with someone they tend to villify that person. I note in the apparent lie about Jackie's drunk acquaintance he says she asks him to not lose his temper, not come over, as if he is hinting she is acting like a two-timing woman. It reads like a hint from boyfriend that she is a slut without actually coming out and saying such a thing. It sounds like another clumsy lie that actaully draws more attention to himself and hurts his case more than helps it but he can't see that, as most psycopaths can't.

    When I review what little I know of boyfriend's actions I see:
    1. He seems to have lied about the mysterious alleged drunk aquaintance who he named to L.E. as a named friend of Jackie's that boyfriend was known to not like.
    2. And this named person was, unknown to boyfriend, out of state with many witnesses to prove this fact.
    3. The named person did not drink at all, a non drinker.
    4. The way boyfriend told the story of Jackie trying to keep him from coming over when the alleged "drunk" aquaintance was there made her sound like a twotiming bad girl without boyfriend actually calling her that.

    I found the following about psycopaths at a website:
    . . .Lying is like breathing to the psychopath. When caught in a lie and challenged, they make up new lies, and don't care if they're found out. As Hare states, "Lying, deceiving, and manipulation are natural talents for psychopaths...When caught in a lie or challenged with the truth, they are seldom perplexed or embarrassed -- they simply change their stories or attempt to rework the facts so that they appear to be consistent with the lie. The results are a series of contradictory statements and a thoroughly confused listener." . . .
    . . .In sum, the experience of dealing with a psychopath can be very troubling for most people, not to mention, when he is through with you, you will be vilified falsely. . .

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    Here is a long shot... when I was looking at the Doe Network pages there is an unidentified woman found in Georgia... my reaction upon seeing the sketch was "There's Jackie".


    There is very little information about the unidentified woman. Union City, Georgia is appoximately 8 hours driving time away... so its possible.

    I have previously exchanged PMs with a contact at FindJackieMarkham and they requested contact on anything I might find, so I've emailed them.

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    Anything new

    Just wondered if you'd heard anything back on this?

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    No I haven't but Lauren (Monkalup) on the Used to be Doe site said she'd call it in. I'm awaiting an update.

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    Update 4/16/09

    While this new discovery is in it's early stages, LE is leaning towards Markham for an ID.

    April 16, 2009


    "Detectives said they think they know how the woman was killed, but they would not release that information because they said it's too important to their investigation. However, detectives did reveal that they have requested Jacquelyn Markham's dental records to see if they match.
    The 52-year-old mother and grandmother disappeared from her Callahan home almost nine years ago."
    ~ Beating the drum of awareness ~

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    On the Third Coast

    Not Markham


    21 April 09

    A forensic anthropologist has ruled out that human remains found at a Nassau County hunt club earlier this month belonged to a Callahan woman who disappeared nearly nine years ago, but he still has not identified the remains or determined how the person died.


    Detectives sent dental records of the missing 52-year-old woman, Jacquelyn Markham, but they did not match.

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