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    TN - Jalen Johnson, 24, murdered by mistake, Clarksville, 23 April 2017 *Arrests*


    Seven bounty hunters who descended on the wrong car outside a Wal-Mart have been indicted on first-degree murder charges in the killing of an unarmed man and the wounding of another, Tennessee police announced Wednesday.

    The charges come after a chaotic scene in Clarksville on April 23, where police said the bounty hunters shot at the four people in the sedan and chased them for seven miles.

    Not one of the men in the sedan was wanted on outstanding charges.

    Seven men all bounty hunters or bail bondsmen have been charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of Jalen Johnson, who was killed while being pursued in a case of mistaken identity...

    The following were booked into Montgomery County Jail on Tuesday:

    William L. Byles, 31, Clarksville
    Kenneth Chiasson, 38, Clarksville
    Antwon D. Keesee, 32, Clarksville
    Jonathan Schnepp, 31, Clarksville
    Roger D. West, 31, Clarksville
    Prentice L. Williams, 34, Nevada
    Joshua Young, 27, Clarksville

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    Police: Bounty hunters paid woman to buy cocaine before fatal shooting

    Goodman said the seven bounty hunters charged with murder after a botched sting operation involving a drug buy, failed to follow state law by providing a copy of a certified capias to law enforcement, notifying law enforcement of an operation to take a suspect into custody and registering as bounty hunters with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, in addition to the courts, and other requirements.
    Clarksville Police Detective Tim Anderson testified Wednesday that Antwon Keesee, a bonding agent for Keesee Bonding, gave money to a woman who agreed to set up a $40 cocaine buy in the parking lot of the Neighborhood Walmart on Whitfield Road in hopes that Ellis would show up.

    Instead, Tyrone McKeage arrived "to consummate the drug deal," and Milan and two others were in the car, according to court documents.

    Anderson testified that Keesee Bonding gave the woman money for multiple drug purchases in the week leading up to the sting.

    After a defense attorney referred to the woman as a "confidential informant," Judge Goodman jumped in, saying he wanted it made clear that she was not a confidential informant because bounty hunters and bondsmen "are not law enforcement."
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    Lawmaker to push bounty hunting crackdown after fatal Clarksville shooting

    Pitts said the meeting was sparked by a series of articles by The Leaf-Chronicle that examined laws pertaining to bounty hunters and bonding agents. In some cases, the laws are unclear. In others, the laws are simply being ignored.

    "Obviously, as a result of the April incident that happened in Clarksville, we have to make some changes, and I am confident based on the meeting (Wednesday) that we can get there," Pitts said. "We still have some work to do to narrow it and build some accountability into state law, but we will get there."

    Four bondsmen and three bounty hunters were charged with murder in the April 23 fatal shooting of 24-year-old Jalen Johnson Milan
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