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    KY - Paul Beck charged with raping two women, Lousiville, 2005

    LOUISVILLE) -- It took two years to get a plea agreement together, but last April, Paul Beck went to prison for sexually assaulting two women. Now, six months later, he wants out on shock probation. But one of his victims stood up in a courtroom Tuesday and pleaded with the judge to keep him behind bars. WAVE 3 investigator James Zambroski was there.

    This is really the story of one victim, a woman named Heather, who came to us about a month ago with a tale of how the system had failed her. From a two-year delay in her attacker's trial to lost DNA evidence to a plea agreement she wasn't happy with, Heather has felt shortchanged at every turn.

    On Tuesday, she asked the court not to let her down again.

    Paul Beck admits he sexually assaulted Heather and another woman. He's six months into a 5-year prison sentence, but wants shock probation because he says he has become a Christian.

    Doug Zeckner, Heather's uncle, says Beck's prison conversion is suspect. "I don't think a short period of born again is really a good excuse.... I'm a Christian, but I think this is used as an easy out by a lot of people."

    Beck told the court that his stay in prison has been a "fear-inducing experience that there is someone to answer to and to answer for."

    He's found God hmmm If this judge lets him out it will be a travesty he has only served 6 months this poor woman has been let down so many times ite disgusting.

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    Tell him to come back and ask again in 5 years, and hopefully he'll hear a "NO" at that time too. Tell him, in the menatime, to work on seeing how many others he can save in prison.

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    The rape victim should not have to continuously fight for justice.

    The guy is lucky they goofed the evidence and he got a plea agreement. He has admitted guilt. If he truly has seen the light he should realise he has to pay the price.
    Too bad they can't add years on for him even daring to ask to be let out so soon.

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    It is always a good thing if a prisoner turns to faith, but I wonder why their christianity never seems to tell them that they should just shut up and serve their sentence.


    Don't try to teach a pig to sing. You are wasting your time and annoying the pig.

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    Even if he's sincere, I don't see why adopting a religion should earn him a get out of jail free card. So what, he became a Christian. Lot's of people in prison are Christians - or Jews, or whatever....it doesn't make them any less guilty. I don't understand why this is even being considered by the court. Since when are convicted felons allowed to go in front of the judge and plead to be released six month into their sentence?

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