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    Canada - Terry Sagal, 54, Regina, SK, 18 December 2001


    4 years after Regina man vanishes, family remains hopeful
    CBC News

    Christmas is a time for families to be together, but for one Moose Jaw family the season is a reminder that a family member is still missing.

    Terry Sagal of Regina has been missing since a week before Christmas four years ago.

    In 2001, the 54-year-old told his family that he was going out to buy gas and make a stop at a Regina liquor store.

    Two days later, police found his car almost 200 kilometres away near a small town in the southeast corner of the province.

    There was no trace of Sagal. His family remains hopeful they'll get answers some day.

    "I'll never give up hope that that they'll find Terry or his remains," Mike Sagal said. "I just wish it would be done before my parents pass on because it would be nice for them to have closure."

    Recently, the province announced that it would spend $2 million on a task force to work on missing persons cases.

    Right now, four RCMP officers are dedicated to cold case files, but more officers will be added.

    Sagal says that's good news and he hopes the extra officers will bring results.

    "It never hurts to get new ideas," he said.

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    This website is from the search and rescue party that looked for Terry Sagal. The photos give you an idea of the terrain.


    I tried a search on Terry's name at the other missing person's sites and came up with nothing else.

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    Five years ago...

    Bumping this case up. Missing for five years now.

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    Cold Case Unit To Search In Missing Person Case

    The holiday season brings about much happiness for families. However, in December 2001, just a week before Christmas, one family experienced one of its worst fears. A beloved family member, Terrance (Terry) Sagal went missing. His family last saw him on December 18, 2001 in Regina. Two days later, his vehicle was found abandoned just south of Kennedy. Sagal left his family without any clue as to where he went or why.

    Despite attempts by the Regina Police Service, Sagalís case turned cold and now sits on a shelf in the Regina Police Service Cold Case Unit.

    However, on May 24, members of the Regina Police Service with help from people trained in search and rescue, plan to spread out over the Kennedy area in hopes of finding information regarding Sagalís mysterious disappearance.

    The Regina Police Service went out on previous search missions but failed to turn up anything that could lead them to Sagalís whereabouts. ďThere was lots of snow that night [they found his abandoned car], so there werenít any tracks to follow,Ē said Sergeant Brent Shannon of the Regina Police Service.


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    Missing Regina man's daughter takes search for father online

    Nine years after her father's unsolved disappearance, Ajineen Sagal desperately wants to be able to update her Facebook status to say, "I finally know what happened to him."

    On Friday night, Ajineen posted her dad's Missing poster on her Facebook profile picture.

    "I have over 600 friends on Facebook. Perhaps if they all were to post a picture of my dad, somebody somewhere might know something and be able to help find him or clues to his whereabouts," she said in a telephone interview Saturday. "After all, isn't that the point of Facebook ... to network? Well, this is my way of reaching hundreds and maybe thousands of people that perhaps did not even know about the disappearance beforehand."


    Late Friday night, Jennifer Huber set up an events page dedicated to Terry's disappearance to help her high school chum find her dad. She asked all of her friends to post the missing man's poster as their Facebook profile picture.

    By Saturday afternoon, Huber said, 2,708 invites had gone out in 18 hours, 250 people had responded, and 98 of those had changed their profile picture to the picture of Terry.

    Read more: http://www.leaderpost.com/Missing+Re...#ixzz18gORN1P0

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    As usual when someone goes missing in Canada, not much information at all about the case released and the circumstances provided sure don't give many clues.

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