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    TN - Clinton, WhtMale skull, 30-50, found in woods, Dec'05 - Jarvis Maxey

    OK, I didn't really know where to post this - here or under located. I figured here since we don't know the identity yet. The location of the find is one county over from me.
    Clinton, Tennessee (WVLT) There's new information about a skull found by a hunter in Clinton Thursday.
    snip..The skull appears to belong to a white male between 30 and 50 years old, and what ever killed him happened in the last three weeks.

    Tonight, police continue their search, for the rest, of a murder victim.

    Clinton Police Chief Rick Scarbrough, "the head, the skull had some trama to it so we feel certain it was a homicide. "

    Anybody have any ideas on this one? Apparently, according to the newscast this morning, there is no one locally missing fitting the general age of this victim.
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    Some killers take their victim's bodies a long distance to dispose of them. I hope they are checking other states' missing persons reports, too.

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    Clinton Police seek answers in case of mysterious human skull

    Clinton police spent several hours Monday out on the Clinch River, searching for a headless body, but the search turned up nothing.

    Last Thursday, a deer hunter in Clinton discovered a human skull lying on a trail. It was in a heavily wooded area off the J.D. Yarnell Parkway near the Clinch River.

    More: http://www.wbir.com/news/news.aspx?s...3&provider=rss
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    Quote Originally Posted by SewingDeb
    Some killers take their victim's bodies a long distance to dispose of them. I hope they are checking other states' missing persons reports, too.
    This hunter accidently finding the head is giving police a jump on what may have been a mising person still not found 10 yrs from now.
    I hope like you they are checking out every missing persons case.
    Reading the article it seems to have affected the hunter profoundly.

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    From January 2006:


    A human skull found last month near an Anderson County industrial park has tentatively been linked to a decomposing body found in Scott County last Sunday...
    From October 2006:


    We've learned that investigators have finally identified the person whose head and body were found in two separate locations of East Tennessee...

    Volunteer TV has been able to confirm that the head and body belong to Jarvis Maxey.

    The TBI says Maxey last lived in a Nashville homeless shelter.

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    I've been trying and trying to find more info about Maxey, but could hardly find anything...

    I saw something on Topix that said a few more details, but with that site it could (more than likely) be BS. It was a thread on (I think) a book called Mist in the Mountain where unsolved eastern TN crimes were discussed. It stated his age (45) and talked about his body being dismembered and his hands not being found.

    I also found a re-posted story from a Knoxville TV station (WBIR). I guess I was lucky to find that because the station's story is no longer available, even on Archive.org.

    From Whispers to Roars
    TEN NEWS EXTRA: Grisly murder remains enduring mystery

    On December 22, 2005, a hunter came across a skull on a trail off the JD Yarnell Parkway in Clinton.
    Investigators had no idea who the victim was or where the rest of the body was.
    About two weeks later, hunters in Scott County found a body without a head near a cemetery in what's known as the Smoky Creek area. It's about 40 miles away from Clinton. Investigators knew right away the two were connected.
    Anthony Lay, Sheriff of Scott County says, "In my 12 1/2 years of law enforcement, it's probably one of the most incredible discoveries ever. The thought process that was put into the crime."
    The victim was eventually identified as 45-year old Jarvis Maxey, a homeless man from Nashville.

    He had been spotted in the Knoxville area before his death.

    I also found a 2000 Texas mugshot for a "Jarvis Maxey".
    That's quite a distance from Tennessee, but that's also a rather unique name. Plus he looks to be about the right age.
    The crimes were a DUI and another citation for having an open container the following year.

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