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    Catfish On Interstate Remains Mystery

    Somebody knows how catfish ended up on eastbound Interstate 20 near Airline Drive on Friday afternoon.

    Just not Bossier City authorities.

    Passing motorists had already pummeled, squashed and obliterated the slippery aquatic creatures by the time police were called.

    They arrived about 1:30 p.m. and shut down traffic because the gooey remnants left an oily service that could pose a driving hazard.

    Eastbound travel was halted completely for about 15 minutes while firefighters used grease sweep, a granulated substance, to provide traction on slippery surfaces.

    More: http://www.wusatv9.com/news/news_art...?storyid=45416
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    Maybe it was the WalMart kid from the Ipod thing.
    "It seems that this is larger than I am. More than I can handle. Yet I know that I am being carried, for I am not strong enough to carry myself. I do not have the answers now but one day I will know and understand and maybe one day I will help to carry another." Joanne Cacciatore~

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    are these people kidding?

    The catfish obviously fell out of the back of some truck. Possibly the entire cooler did but maybe a passing motorist stopped and grabbed the cooler?

    For that matter if this is anywhere near water a bird could have dropped it.

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    catch of the day

    Maybe they should give a description of the "victems", length and weight.

    If the unsquished ones were bigger than the 2 and 3 pounders I usually catch I might claim them -

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    This is so O/T but it reminds me of the story where a corpse fell off the back of a pick up truck in Shreveport. First of all, why was this individual transporting the corpse? It seems disprespectful. But back to the catfish..I am sure it was a fisherman who hadn't latched his tailgate properly. Hit a bump on the notoriously bad roads and whoops! there ya go. Catfish on the road!

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    The whole thing sounds FISHY to me!

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    Actually it is near water, the Red River is right there, but I think there were too many for them to have been dropped by birds. I can't believe this story made news in other places, lol.

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    If Bossier City is still the awful place it was when I was briefly there, the catfish were probably some illegal shipment going somewhere and got dumped accidentally.

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