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    Ana speaks about her last moments with son. It's heartbreaking. The system is broken.


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    I heard a report from local KTLA news 11pm last night== interviewed Ana and the 2 detectives she said were her angels.

    In their interview, the detectives said they were on to the father from the first day. They said he smiled and was laid back, no tension or worried about his missing son, from the first interview. They had never seen a father of a missing child be so blasé about where his child might be.

    They said he asked them no questions about his son, and made small talk, and tried to chat and be charming. [ reminded me of scott peterson]

    They showed a picture of the back seat of the car, and said he smothered his son with his son's grey jacket.

    They also said that when he was in Vegas, he went sky diving, and clubbing and dancing, and hired hookers and just had a great old time.

    He also tried to apply for a passport---and that is when they arrested him.


    Detectives Louie Aguilera and Marc Boisvert said they sensed from the first interview with Aramazd Andressian Sr., Piqui's father, that he was the murderer.

    "He was kind of jovial at times, joking, laughing, didn't seem concerned," Aguilera said. "We interviewed him for three hours and during that three-hour period of time he didn't ask about his son once."

    Boisvert added that Andressian Sr. wanted them to think he was being framed.

    They found signs that Andressian Sr. had been plotting the attack for months, and he created a new will just days before.

    "The will that he created left everything to his mom and his sister - nothing to his son," Aguilera said.

    While the detectives were hard at work, Andressian Sr. went to Las Vegas, where he partied for weeks. He was watched the entire time.

    Aguilera said Andressian Sr. was going to concerts, partying in bars and hotels, and even skydived. He was also meeting prostitutes.

    "He was living the life as a very reckless man, and a man that was not concerned of the whereabouts of his son,' he said.
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    In the report is a transcript of a call Andressian made to his mother while in jail

    Quote Originally Posted by MzOpinion8d View Post
    "Do you think they'll find the child?" his mother asked.

    It's no wonder he's f*cked up with a mother like that. Cold as ice.

    I wish his pathetic suicide attempt had been successful. I know that's wrong if me but it hurts every time I see little Piqui's picture, and I didn't even know him. Ana's soul has been ripped away. Nothing will ever be the same for her.
    WADR that quote was taken out of context.

    Transcript excerpt below.

    *Note that it appears the typist misused the word "victim" when it should have read "mother".

    The defendant's mother asked the defendant if the victim ran away and if they know how he came up missing.
    The defendant stated "he hasn't run away"...

    The victim's mother asked "Did they take him?"
    The defendant did not reply to his mother's question and instead told her not to spend money on him. During the coversation the defendant made satements such as "I don't care anymore, my spirit, my life is done. I don't have no will anymore. I'm black inside.

    When the defendant's mother asked "Do you think they'll find the child"
    the defendant replied he did not know and if they did find him it would be afterward.

    When the defendant's mother asked the defendant "What did you say?" The defendant continued to make statements indicating his "will is broken". The defendant then asked his mother if they told her something about the victim or if she heard it from the news.

    The defendant's mother told the defendant law enforcement was disappointed because he was not talking.

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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for continuing to be here for little Ara.

    Websleuths really needs your help at this time. Please consider giving if possible.


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    Piqui's mom will be on Dr. Phil tomorrow.
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