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    Aaron Bailey family calls for special prosecutor, may file lawsuit

    “We got that call that no one wants to hear, no mother, no child, sister, brother, any family member doesn’t want to hear that their loved one had been shot and killed,” Brown said.

    She described her brother as caring and protective of his siblings and children.

    “I want to shed the light, not, you know, what everyone is trying to shed on him about his past problems; those were the past,” Brown said. “But honestly, he was a good family man running. Aaron was that family man.”
    “We still have to go to bed at night not knowing what happened to our brother,” Brown said.

    At this time, Brown said they are still waiting for the autopsy report and for police to release his car.

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    Aaron Bailey's family sues officers, IMPD

    The suit asks that the case be heard by a jury.

    The family is calling for answers and accountability in the lawsuit.

    They're also asking for the city to pay for Bailey's medical costs, funeral and other expenses.

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    The trial date has been set for March 2019, but the federal court is encouraging both sides to settle in the case.

    They will meet for a settlement conference in June.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MIKAYOYO View Post
    This is so sad. My son recently got his driver's license and it really sucks that we had to tell him if he ever gets pulled over, he needs to keep hands on wheel and do not reach in glove box for insurance until cop is at window and he tells cop he's going to get his insurance. Then we decided, just carry insurance in your wallet but don't reach for your wallet without letting cop know. Crazy sad state we live in now!

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    Many years before the recent publicized cases, I was told my by friend who is a police officer. If you get pulled over, immediately turn the light on inside your car, put your window down, and hands on the wheel. When the officer asks why you did that, to say “for both of our safety”. I’m a white female and would def do that if pulled over. It is for everyone’s safety. Again, this was taught to me long before the high profile cases in the media, so it’s just something that’s suck in my mind.

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