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    A series of miracles for two boys badly burnt in a fire

    A series of miracles has led a little boy to someplace his parents thought he may never see again.


    Itís been 2 years and 13 days since Chris Arrigoniís body caught on fire. More than 40 percent of his then-three-year-old frame melted. Clinically, he died that horrific morning of Dec. 18, 2003. So did his little brother, Nicky, age 2. Paramedics revived them both.

    The lack of oxygen to Chrisí brain caused severe brain damage. The children lost fingers, toes, ears and so much skin. They were baptized immediately ó just in case.

    But medical professionals were wrong. The boys were strong. They survived in ways no one ever dreamt they would be able to.

    Now ó for the first time since the fire ó Chris is allowed to live at home. He joined his parents and three brothers in their Anderson home Thursday.

    More: http://www.theheraldbulletin.com/her...365000153.html
    Rest in Peace to my best buddy and baby, Buster ~ He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan. 3, 2011. I miss you, Buster and love you with all my being.

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    Those poor kids. Their story is so sad, yet so inspirational. The parents and siblings have also suffered a lot. Sometimes I think it is just as hard for the parent to watch their child suffer, as it is on the child. And it leaves just as many scars, only a parents scars are inside- not as easily recognizable. I hope Tony is able to get a good job. And I hope this family continues to be lucky. I hope they have Brandon in counseling. So much is needed for this family. So sad.
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

    "Just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, it became a butterfly" ~ Michelle Knight

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    God bless this family. They have had and will undoubtedly continue to have a tough road.

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