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    ODD CLAIMS RE: Jennifer Leigh Klein missing 1974, Kurt Newton 1975 & Etan Patz 1979


    Please do not start any threads about a recent report by the Facebook page Missing In America (a/k/a MIA) regarding claims made by an individual named Michelle Hooper that she is Jennifer Klein and that DNA has confirmed this. This woman also claims that Kurt Newton and Etan Patz were held along with her by satanists.

    These assertions are NOT substantiated by any law enforcement agency nor are they mentioned in any main stream media news articles/reports.

    Any thread that is opened on this topic will be removed as will posts made in Etan or Kurt's existing missing persons threads.

    I know the assertions are salacious and oh so interesting but seriously folks. Our usual rules apply. We are a fact based discussion site. We do not have any facts to support allowing the continued discussion of this woman or her claims.

    Should any ACCEPTABLE source become available that would support discussing these claims please private message Tricia.

    Thank you for your cooperation
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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha
    Thank you tlcya.

    I know when information comes out like what has been discussed on Websleuths you have to take a step back and look at things with a logical eye.

    Always check to see if any other mainstream media news sources are reporting on the claims that are being made now on another website.

    Red Flag Number 1 - If this was really true and this person turned out to be the missing Utah girl don't you think mainstream media would be all over it?

    Red Flag Number 2 - I understand there is a claim that Etan Patz is alive even though a man was convicted of his murder. Again, if there was the slightest chance that this was true don't you think mainstream media would be all over it?

    Red Flag Number 3 - If Michelle Hooper had actual DNA testing done to prove she is Jennifer from Utah why isn't this information out in the mainstream media? Why isn't she verifying her information with a mainstream media source? Where is her family? Why haven't they come out and talked about how their child has been found alive?

    Red Flag Number 4 - A GoFund page set up to protect the Jennifer Klein from the Satanists?. Really? Don't you think this is a big red flag? If you donated to this GoFund account do you really think the money is going to some random missing person who just happened to pop up and is running from a group of Satanists?

    If any of this was actually true don't you think by now there would be some kind of mainstream media confirmation?

    These types of rumors are so harmful which is why they are not allowed at Websleuths.

    If I am wrong I will certainly admit it.

    Thank you,
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