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    Exclamation Doctors find 27 contact lenses in woman's eye

    27 Contact Lenses Are Found in Woman’s Eye, Doctors Report


    For years, she had assumed that the strange sensation in her right eye was just a part of a changing body, nothing worth troubling over.

    Fortunately for the unidentified 67-year-old woman, doctors preparing her for routine cataract surgery last November discovered the source and removed it. Unfortunately for the squeamish, the cause was the stuff of nightmares: The woman’s eye had become home to a hard, bluish mass of nearly 30 contact lenses held together by mucus.

    The lump the medical team discovered was composed of 17 contact lenses, they reported this month in BMJ, a medical journal. On further examination, they found 10 more...


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    I've been working in the medical field for almost 15 years, and I'm still amazed at how many things people can have in their bodies and be unaware of.

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    Once I was removing my contacts and couldn't feel the one lens, so I assumed it had fallen out. The next morning when I woke up I felt a strange sensation in my eye. My contact lens was curled up and popped right out. I can't imagine having 27 lenses stuck at the side of your eye. How would you close your eyes?
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    Did she think disposable meant dissolvable? Wth?

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    I am grossed out.
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    Ouch. Itchy..red and watery..why didn't any doctor catch it before her surgery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tentam4evr View Post
    Ouch. Itchy..red and watery..why didn't any doctor catch it before her surgery?
    Exactly. The doc that scheduled the surgery certainly examined her. Let's just say he/she wouldn't be going anywhere near my eye if attention to detail is so lax. Nope, not me. Don't know the specifics, but wow, she needs a new doc and this one needs to be investigated. The mass was discovered by the anesthesiologist. Nuff said.
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