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    Tennessee Law Shames Drunk Drivers

    A new Tennessee law is enlisting the power of shame to discourage drunken driving -- even the governor, law enforcement officials and various experts are calling it an expensive and bad idea.

    Starting Sunday, convicted drunken drivers are required to do 24 hours of roadside cleanup while wearing orange vests emblazoned with the phrase "I am a Drunk Driver."

    The new law is aimed at first-time offenders, says one of its sponsors, state Rep. Charles Curtiss.

    "You cause them to go out and pick up trash in front of their friends and neighbors, the embarrassment is going to be such that they're never going to want to go through that again," Curtiss said. "Hopefully you can turn them around to never become a second-time offender."


    The big problem I see in reading the article is that they are targeting only first time offenders. So, once they go through this the first time, the second time they won't go through the humiliation. I hope they have something equally humiliating for the second time offenders.

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    North Carolina shamed drunks yrs ago....LOL it is no more shameful to wear a vest than to ride a little moped at 35mph in a pouring rain...I quite often ride by them and ask if they want a drink....LMAO
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