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    MA - Doris Tetreault, 34, Blackstone, 1 June 1978

    Doris Ann Tetreault

    Namus https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/33028/16

    Age last seen: 34 to 38
    Age now: 74
    Sex & Race: White Female
    Hair color: Black
    Eyes Color: Brown
    Height: 65.0
    Weight: 95.0
    Scars and Marks: nothing

    Mother reports missing. Last heard from June 1978. Not living with husband
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    Someone else is interested in this case http://oakhillresearch.blogspot.co.u...tetreault.html . However it seems to raise more questions than answers.

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    Her mother reported her missing, but her "age last seen" on NamUs is 34 - 38??? Why didn't her mother know her birth date and year? Did she just report her missing saying that she hadn't heard from her since June of 1978, or did she give more information on why she might be gone? Was Doris the type to leave on her own? Was she stable (mentally, financially)? Who was her husband? Why weren't they living together? Could he have something to do with this? Was any type of investigation done by LE or family members? This case is all questions and no answers.

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