Maureen Louise Sterling
DOB: 18 February 1959
Last seen 4 February 1972

Yvonne Lisa Weber
DOB: 29 January 1959
Last seen 4 February 1972

Just before 7:30 PM on 4 February 1972, Maureen and Yvonne were dropped off by Maureen's mother at the Empire Ice Arena, which is across the street from Coddingtown Mall, Santa Rosa CA. They were scheduled to be picked up at 11 PM. However, they were not there when the time came.

A Sonoma County Sheriff's Office memo states they were last seen at about 9 PM by a 16-year-old male teen, while they were apparently still in the arena.

However, some of their friends also reportedly spotted the two girls entering a car on Guerneville Road, which runs between the ice arena and Coddingtown Mall, as can be seen on this map (The arena is in the upper left, marked "Snoopy's Home Ice"):!2d38.4525715.

At about 4 PM on 28 December 1972, a pair of teen boys found the girls' bones on Franz Valley Road north of Santa Rosa, over ten miles from the ice arena. The dump spot was 2.7 miles north of Porter Creek Road, and about 66 feet off the road, down an embankment leading to Franz Creek. Maureen's and Yvonne's remains were so skeletal that no means of death could be detected. No items of clothing—not even buttons or other remnants—were found at the dump site, and it is assumed the girls were stripped naked before being discarded.

A gold necklace with a basket-weave design cross was found with the bodies. One earring was also recovered. At least one earring can thus assumed missing.

Maureen and Yvonne are considered the first victims of the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murderer. The thread for this killer is at





Yvonne's death certificate: http://www.santarosahitchhikermurder...s/weber_dc.pdf

Maureen's death certificate: http://www.santarosahitchhikermurder...terling_dc.pdf

“Lost Coast Highway” by Gray George