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    Please email your Congressional Representatives!

    Our elected representative have no way of knowing how we the people feel about what is happening to our government unless we tell them - on a regular basis! Nowadays it is so easy - just google your rep's website and click onto "Contact" or "Email".

    You will need to give your name, address, phone number, and email address. They don't ask your party affiliation and you need not be registered to vote. They don't contact you back unless you ask them to do so. (Mine in Pennsylvania don't at least) There is usually a place where you can request to be put on a mailing list for a Newsletter if you want. But you don't have to. Also, no one has ever called me.

    Make sure your subject line "says it all" - such as "Stop the indecency from the White House" because it may be the only thing that gets read. Keep the body of your message very short. One paragraph of 3 or 4 sentences. Just enough to politely get your point across.

    Don't use insulting or profane language. I personally never reveal my political affiliation. They can look it up if they want it.

    I contact all three of my reps (2 Senators; 1 House of Representatives) at the least once per week, but often 2-3 times per week. I will also send 2 or more emails in one day on different subjects, depending on what's bothering me. This does not take long after you've first filled in the required fields.

    We are citizens. We have the right to be heard. Our elected reps need to hear from us.


    The payoff for you in doing this is that you will feel good after clicking the send button. For a reason. Because as a citizen, you DID something.
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