DOB: 3 December 1957
Body discovered 31 July 1973
Considered sixth victim of Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Killer:

Carolyn ran away from home and high school in Anderson CA on 6 February 1973. She left about 7 PM wearing a brown leather jacket sporting a fur collar, and some faded jeans.

Shortly thereafter, her parents received a letter from her. It was postmarked Soledad CA, and stated she was a voluntary runaway. LE would later trace individuals mentioned in this letter, in their futile efforts to solve the murder. They would also trace her travels to Illinois and New Mexico. She was also rumored to have traveled to San Diego, but that was not proven.

(Note: Anderson is in the northern Cal, nearing the Oregon border. Soledad is about 350 miles south of Anderson, in central coastal California. Santa Rosa is about half way betwixt them.)

Carolyn was in touch with her grandmother in July 1973. At about 1:30 PM on 15 July, the grandmother dropped Carolyn off in front of the post office in Garberville CA. Carolyn intended to hitchhike south on Highway 101 towards Santa Rosa, which was some 175 miles distant.

(Another note: Anderson and Garberville are both about 175 miles north of Santa Rosa. However, they lay on the two separate major highways in northern Cal, which are separated by an enormous wilderness.)

At about 7:45 PM on 31 July, a motorcyclist spotted Carolyn's body. She had been thrown off Franz Valley Road north of Santa Rosa, and landed within four feet of the body dump site for Maureen Sterling and Yvonne Weber. The lack of crushing of the hillside bushes and saplings seemed to indicate Carolyn had been launched over the vegetation. Detectives posited that either a very powerful individual had thrown her down the bank, or that two people cooperated to supply the motive power.

Carolyn was identified by dental records. The pathologist estimated her date of death as approximately 20 July 1973. Cause of death was strychnine poisoning; means of administration was unknown.


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