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    The Sarah Huckabee misleading memoirs

    There are too many to remember. Let's track the statements that typically become complete lies usually within 24 48 72 hours .

    Yes, sometimes she might get two weeks.

    Too much math for me - would be interesting how often she say she will get back to media and never does

    my of favs today is he is reviewing the sanctions bill.

    He has no idea about anything - this requires reading

    "It is a tie for number 1-->? HerThere have been many meetings with Congress regarding tax reform.

    Half of Congress is investigating them and trying to take away health care of millions.

    Exactly who are they talking to?

    This increases my concerns that he is talking to fictional congressman during the wee hours of the morning!

    The Treasury guy was in hearings this week.

    If you can identify someone they were talking to it would be most helpful.


    Today she earns two fake stars on this end


    vote ?

    I have tried to find the president claiming that LE mauling innocent American only a joke funny - has not happened thus far - I enjoy many late monologues that have done nothing but Trump since he started running.

    You cannot miss rich asswh&&e material.

    I di not like the minute I heard her - she is a robot- she has to only watch FOX

    My dear Tricia all of us apologize in advance if we blow up your server !
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    I don't like SHS. She is way too defensive and, at times, downright snippy. Worse than Spicer.

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    valparaiso in
    I thought she slipped under the radar but I didn't scroll far enough.
    I understood every word you said. It was the order that you said them that has me confused.

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    I noticed one day last week the makeup artist went a little wild on the eye makeup.

    I love the cartoon images of Sarah with the raised left eyebrow.

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    I didn't like the condescending way she spoke to April Ryan. Actually she's condescending to all of them and that's not her job. Her job is to answer questions. Spicer was better.

    The truth is rarely pure and never simple. - Oscar Wilde

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    C'mon back, man. You can keep the fridge.

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