Whenever I stop by the Casey Anthony forum and I am amazed how many people still post here.

Itís safe to say many good friendships have been made since this case.

The search for Caylee was around the same time we made a big change at Websleuths.

Thatís when we tightened the rules like you wouldnít believe.

Oh, let me tell you did I get the threats, the insults, and the basic troll/bullying from millions it seemed like. Examples:

*All the good posters are leaving because of you TRASHA

* Go walk in front of a bus! Thatís the best thing that could happen to Websleuths

* I wonít let you get away with ruining Websleuths. I'M STARTING A PETITION AGAINST YOU!!! ( wth? )

That is my favorite one because what would a petition do? I mean really. What could they do with the petition to stop me from being the owner of Websleuths? I guess print out the paper edition of the petition then shove it down my throat and choke me is one thing. Who knows?

The Anthony case was the start of a new and great era for Websleuths.

When we tightened the rules everything exploded but in a good way. People starting coming in droves to Websleuths. Why? Because now they didnít have to worry about the bullies anymore.

Did I mention I also banned almost 30 people at one time? Got rid of the trouble makers and changed the rules. It was a group effort. I give a lot of credit to the mods at that time.

Here we are today. Bigger, stronger, and now Websleuths can truly make a difference.

This is my very last option everyone. Iím sick to my stomach but I need to ask you.

I need your help. I am still very short of the money I need to make sure Websleuths makes it through the next 60 days.

CLICK HERE to read the details as to why this is happening.

If you could possibly donate one dollar, five dollars, anything will help. I hate to ask but we are down to the wire here and to be honest I am scared.

You can donate at PayPal or Google Wallet and use the email Websleuthsdonations@gmail.com

One thing I do want to stress is please DO NOT donate if it puts the slightest amount of stress on your financial situation.

Thank you for making Websleuths the amazing forum it is today.