The mother advised detectives that her children and two others had run away for several hours the previous night and returned home at 3 a.m.

The mother said she knew they had done something illegal based on their demeanor.


Also during the interviews, detectives learned the children were responsible for burglaries to several RVís located across the street from the dealership the night before.

The trio stole televisions from the RVís and had them at their home.


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Two of the children were 12 and 14! They face charges of commercial burglary and grand theft auto. Their friends/partners in crime, 15 and 18, were also arrested.

They stole (and damaged) vehicles from a dealership, and burglarized some RV's. The mother of the younger children told LE (after they confronted her) that the 12-year-old admitted to her stealing a car from a dealership and she overheard her daughter telling a friend about driving recklessly. Yet, the mother didn't report this? And, the TV's the kids stole were in their home! Also, the mother knew the children were out until 3:00 AM but didn't know what they were up to??? She claims they ran away.