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    Worth Fighting For? Does Marijuara "Mellow Out" Everyone?

    Hazelwood man sentenced in deadly shooting that stemmed from argument over dirty dishes

    "...Court records say Horine and two other men "were smoking marijuana and playing with guns in the kitchen of Coffey and Horine's residence." Horine and Coffey were "jokingly fighting about whose turn it was to do the dishes when Horine picked up a weapon and pointed at Coffey saying it was his turn..."

    The other man yelled twice at Horine that the gun was loaded before Horine shot Coffey in the side, killing him, court documents say..."

    http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/c...efba0846e.html Aug 11, 2017

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    I got toes, but I'm not a toaster.

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    Apparently, it had nothing to do with them smoking cannabis. It was a terrible accident, and the guy who pulled the trigger, believed the gun was not loaded. This is what I have read from his friends, and family. Guns are the problem, always! MOO

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    its worth fighting for a lot of mental illnesses like rage disorder , bipolar etc. the RX drugs don't help sometimes , hey if it works what's the problem, its out there anyhow and its not going away.
    Suzanne Marie Sevakis Welcome home.

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    Hi! I'm a newbie, so please forgive me if I post something silly.

    To answer the question in your post's title: it doesn't always make people mellow and go to sleep. There are different strains with varying strengths and chemical compositions, and if you live in an area where it's illegal you have no idea what you're getting. One of my friends reports they get paranoid and has terrible anxiety attacks if they smoke it. Also very little is known about how it interacts with other drugs. So not all potheads are happy sleepyheads.

    Marijuana's greatest effect - if used for recreational purposes - is that it messes with your ability to make judgement calls. I don't use it, but many of my friends do. They love to tell you stories of the crazy ideas they came up with while under the influence. Most of my pot using friends, at the same time, also don't seem to think it has any affect on their judgement. Some of them even drive under the influence and insist they're perfectly fine to do so. They'd never consider getting behind the wheel while drunk, but stoned? That doesn't bother them at all.

    I don't know if it's an effect of the drug or just poor education on how it can befuddle your thought process. A mix of pot and guns is an unfortunate accident in the making. I'm just sorry to hear that someone had to die because of it.

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    Yes, it does mellow people out. The death rate with smoking pot and driving in Colorado went up 300% the first 6 months after it was legalized.

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    My contact high starts as a raging headache, which quickly blossoms into rage. I want to hurt people and make them pay. This is abnormal. Typically my biggest threat is not cooking for someone.
    I get that it has uses, but it isn't a panacea, and it can screw people up.

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