Nadine Chabert
DOB: September 3rd 1969 at ISTRES (Bouches du Rhône, 13)
Height: 1,60m
Eyes: Green brown
Hair: light brown with highlights
Source for the vital stats : Translated from French, no other info beyond vital stats

Circumstances (translated from my knowledge by French MSM)
Nadine was 34 years old when she went missing. She was living with her husband, Patrick Chabert, and her daughter, Émilie, 11 years old at Fos-sur-Mer, near Martigues, in the South of France.
On June 10th, 2003, parents and daughter were having lunch together before the tween went to her grandparents, while her parents were leaving by car. Patrick dropped his wife off on a supermarket parking lot, where she had an appointment with a friend. When Patrick gets back home, he notices that his wife didn't get back home. This is the last time Nadine was seen or heard.
Patrick was convicted of his wife's murder in 2010. However, the Appeal Court overturned said conviction in December 2011. The conviction was overturned because there was no slightest evidence of Patrick killing his wife, circumstantial or otherwise. Nadine and Patrick had an appointment the day after at Family Court to finalize their divorce, neither him nor Nadine showed up that day.
The police was convicted that Patrick killed his wife because he refused the divorce. However, the trial in appeal uncovered that police focused sooo much on Patrick's guilt that they didn't even bother looking at other hypothesis. LE made hypothesis about Patrick's guilt that was not even remotely supported by any scientific evidence, while they didn't even bother looking at Nadine's diary, nor looking at the supermarket for witnesses.....
Nadine's family, especially the mother, Hélène, and Émilie supported Patrick's innocence, which is quite rare.

Determined to uncover about her mother's fate, Émilie searched in the basement and her mother's things.
She remembered that a few months before she went missing, her mother forgot picking her up at school, or driving her to horseback riding. Nadine notably changed behavior in such a way her family suspected something was wrong.
While trying to uncover what happened to her mother since the fateful night, Émilie discovered that her mom kept diaries where she talked about spiritism, taking mind altering substances under "friend" 's direction, a fitness teacher named Valérie. Nadine's "friend" was not even interrogated by LE.
Émilie, Patrick and Hélène are convinced that Nadine got missing because she was embroiled in a sect.

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