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    IA - Correctionville WhtMale 105UMIA, 33-53, Gym Bag-Shaving Gear-Tobacco Can, Aug'88


    Unidentified White Male
    • Located on August 30, 1988 in Correctionville, Woodbury County, Iowa
    • Estimated date of death is 1971 - 1973.
    • Skeletal Remains

    Vital Statistics

    • Estimated age: 33-53 years old
    • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'6".
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Unknown
    • Clothing: One short sleeved plain colored shirt with button down collar. No markings were found on this item. This shirt was made of a light weight fabric.

    • One short sleeved white or pale yellow shirt of a broadcloth type fabric.
      One red, white and black plaid long sleeved shirt (picture #1). The characters SL51 were stenciled in the center of the neck band. This shirt also had a button down collar.
      Three pairs of socks-one black pair, one brown pair and the remains of one pair of unknown color. The remains of one pair of shoes. The soles of the shoes had the characters 7' DE" and 675 molded on the surface.
      One pair of light weight black dress type gloves.
      One baseball type cap which was black in color.
      One blue double insulated baseball cap.
    <LI>Some other possessions were also found : A black plastic wallet with imprint design and a plastic metal clasp coin purse.
    Shaving materials consisting of two razors, styptic pencil and shaving brush contained in a gym bag (pictures #2 and #3).
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    dogpile search engine found
    "NEW BALANCE 675 MEN 7.5 RUNNING SHOES SNEAKERS NEW NIB Women's New Balance Athletic Shoes Size 10 NEW!! $85. NEW BALANCE 717 Running Shoe (Sz 14 - 2E) New Womens New Balance Mule Shoes Size..."
    but the link was outdated.



    This one gift company offered an SL 51 at one time but I was unable to find a pic of it since the search result link was out dated but I did see they offer a hooded thing as SL21

    Edited to add: I did find an SL51 current hooded shirt number but it was not what pictured on the J. Doe but maybe in 88 they had a different shirt with that number?
    Sapo gifts makes those promotional gift items

    Maybe his shirt was a promotional gift. Sapo was started in 1987 according to them and the body turned up in 1988 (I'm ignoring the estimated death year) Still its probably too close on dates to be connected.

    user ID of SL51 not likely connected in any way but it popped up in search results.

    Note:SL51 was a very popular part number for many products according to a simple web search.

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    I wonder if the shoe was worn for orthopedic reasons? Not sure where that thought would take us but maybe there are some records somewhere of specially ordered shoes?

    . . . New Balance company was founded in 1906 in Belmont, Massachusetts, USA. In the beginning, the company made special order orthopedic shoes, but over time New Balance began to receive requests from athletes to make running shoes fitted to the foot. As news went out nation-wide and world-wide about the company which produced footwear fitted to every individual foot, orders began increasing and, after a few decades, sport shoes production became a basic element of New Balance’s expansion.

    In 1976 the company was bought by James "Jim" S. Davis who today is the sole owner and company president. That moment began a very dynamic development of a company that just 4 years later introduced shoe style #320 which became the number 1 in the market and ushered New Balance into the small group of the best shoes producers in the world. This success helped New Balance to expand their entire footwear collection, with all categories concentrating on quality of appearance and comfort and, of course, on production of all styles in multiple widths and two looks.

    A few years later, in answer to a retailer’s suggestion, New Balance decided to add a more modern and trendy design to its technical achievements in footwear production. Thus in 1997 the a company achieved fifth place among the best companies in the world in the athletic shoe category and since 1999 is in fourth place.

    At a the time when other companies felt a deep crisis - New Balance maintained its dynamic position one of the "hottest" brands in the world. New Balance became a pioneer in introducing technical achievements in footwear production. New Balance’s position as the fourth in the world in terms of producing and selling athletic footwear belies its 1985 position in 17th place. New Balance overcame its competition by using up-to-date technological achievements to improve quality and comfort. The points of discrimination that New Balance provided to retailers were quality, comfort, multiple widths. Products were targeted not just at youth but also for older consumers looking for comfortable, durable and aesthetic shoes.
    . . .

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    Something I found almost by accident.

    I am curious if this guy was perhaps from Scotland; according to their website, DE shoes have been in Scotland since 1867. May be just a coincidence though and completely unrelated...FWIW, here is the link.


    The tobacco can looks like an old Velvet brand tin

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    Stephen Mysick? I googled the route from Rapid City, Manitoba to Correctionville, IA and it is interesting...can't put it in other words other then if Mysick wanted to disappear and hitched a ride and headed south instead of Winnipeg. Or if he did end up in Winnipeg and decided to keep going, the route to Correctionville gets even "straighter".

    Namus has the age estimation to 60; Mysick was 61. No mention of dentals on either Doe or Namus for the UID, it does say Mysick had significant tooth decay.



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    Who was Walker County Jane Doe?

    John Doe - February 9, 1968 - Facebook Page, Websleuths Thread
    John Doe - October 31, 1967 - Facebook Page, Websleuths Thread

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