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    NH - 19 Hospital Workers Sickened by Unknown Chemical in ER, Aug 2017

    19 Treated Following Unidentified 'Chemical Release' at NH Hospital

    Emergency crews responded to a New Hampshire hospital on Friday morning after more than a dozen staff members reported feeling dizzy, nauseous, vomiting and experiencing headaches following an unknown chemical release.
    Ambulances from multiple area communities responded to Exeter Hospital around 11 a.m. after a report of some sort of "chemical release" in the emergency room.
    Firefighters have so far been unable to pinpoint the source of the chemical release or identify what it was that affected the staff members. There were initial reports that carbon monoxide might have been the cause, but fire officials said test results came back negative.
    "We're looking at cleaning fluids that could have been used in the hospital, obviously, the rumor got out that it's anesthesia gas, we don't know that," Exeter Assistant Fire Chief Eric Wilking said. "We don't know if there's a leak, so until the hazmat team has time to monitor with some far more sophisticated equipment than we had... we may have answers later as to what caused that."

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    Sounds like mass hysteria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MHOrgel View Post
    Sounds like mass hysteria.

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    Whoa, we avoid blaming victims here on WebSleuths.

    Years ago there was a similar problem in a State of Missouri office building. (Not willing to search for a link, sorry. Possibly when the Truman Building opened?) Initially, the problem was brushed off as "mass hysteria" mainly because all the sufferers were female.

    The state Medical Examiner (or the like) became involved.

    Their gender (female) wasn't the actual issue. That turned out to be body weight. There was a chemical problem in the building, but the concentration mostly effected people who weighed under about 120 pounds.

    Those State employees happened to be female.

    I expect that the New Hampshire ER employees affected were either closest to the mystery substance, had the highest exposure to the substance, or for another reason experienced the highest concentration of the substance.


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