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I know I have a good grasp of human behavior and motivations, true crime cases and so forth, and this is the one case which I have doubts about. I didn't follow it as it happened. I only became aware of it after a TV interview with Darlie aired on Dateline or one of those shows. I know it was biased and sympathetic as it showed Darlie talking about her innocence. Still, I have doubts about Darin's innocence more than I do about Darlie's.

I saw this level of anger and poster- bashing with the JBR case, so I stopped reading and discussing. It was difficult because I definitely want to see the murderer brought to justice in this lifetime.There is only SO MUCH which can be hashed and rehashed after so long, then posters start posting about each other instead of about the case.

I believe the same thing is happening here with Darlie's case. Some of you have incredibly strong personal feelings against Darlie for your own reasons, and that is your right. I don't have because I am not convinced that she was the killer, or at least, maybe not the only killer in the house that night.
There are those who believe Darlie alone killed the boys and cut herself, those who think Darin was also involved with Darlie, and probably some others who read and don't feel comfortable enough to post who have a lot of questions about why Darlie and not Darin alone.

It's just like those who believe that JR killed JBR, those who believe that PR did it, those who think BR or a friend of his did it, and those who think an intruder shimmied in through a dirty basement window and killed her. When everyone gets together to discuss a point, it gets heated because of personal emotions.

I respect everyone's viewpoint, and hope that posters can respect each other. Darlie's boys and JonBenet are dead. Darlie is on TX death row, which means that Darlie WILL die.
Could we agree that some people DO have wiggle room for doubt in this case for their own reasons which have nothing to do with being in a clique or being a " Darlie supporter"?

I am definitely not a Darlie supporter, but I do have an incredibly hard time believing that Darin wasn't actively involved.
Maybe that's what's hanging Goody up too, I don't know.

Thank you for reading my post.
Well, thank you for your nice post, Laura. You are the only one here kind enough (except Dianne and she's been posting with me for a long time) to give me the benefit of the doubt. I have many doubts about Darlie's case. Unfortunately, none of them are about her guilt. I believe the evidence nails her, but I would like to know what happened that night, what Darin's role actually was, and how Darlie's psychological profile fit it into it all.

You are right that it is difficult for people who don't believe she did it or who are undecided to post amongst people who hate Darlie so much. They are pounced on rudely the minute they arrive. Look at how you were treated when you first started posting here. I am glad that has settled down, but am very disappointed that my friends here have proven to be so narrow minded.

Once again thank you for your objectivity and open mindedness.