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    MD - Youani Alvares, 29, & Joel Gonzales, 27, found murdered, Arbutus, 8 Jan 2006


    (WJZ) ARBUTUS, Md. WJZ.COM has learned the bodies of two men were discovered on a baseball field behind Arbutus Middle School in Baltimore County. Police say their deaths are being investigated as homicides.
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    i live in maryland and i swear the crime here just gets worse and worse....

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    I read somewhere that the 2 bodies were identified as Hispanic males who live on Virginia ave in Halethorpe, near the area where they were found. The cause of death was stabbing. I can't find that now, but came across this .....very interesting if they can connect this.


    "A frightening situation developed in Elkridge Monday morning when a person was struck multiple times by several vehicles on I-95 just before 5 a.m."

    I live within a few miles of this school. It is a very quiet area, probably not much traffic at night. If someone wanted to dump a body they probably would not have been seen.

    Here's a link to the thread about the body run over on I-95 Monday morning:


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