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    TX - Maria Lopez, 24, pregnant, Del Rio, 24 Dec 2005



    Lissner and Del Rio police detectives Friday organized a search for Maria Lopez at Lake Amistad.

    A woman’s body was discovered during that search.

    Lissner said Saturday that the body found Friday has not been positively identified.

    Lt. Larry Pope, who is Lissner’s counterpart in the Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office criminal investigations division, said Saturday that positive identification of bodies in these types of cases is usually made by matching dental records or through DNA.

    “That can take days or even weeks,” Pope said.

    Lissner, asked Saturday whether he believes the body is that of Maria Lopez, said, “Yes, I believe it is.”

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    Well Merry Christmas to this family

    And we have another "upstanding" father to be who thought more of himself then he did the life of a little tiny baby. May he rot in hell.

    Five months pregnant....and another little guy who will never even get to take his/her first breath. I'm so sick of these bastards who think nothing of snuffing out the life of someone they were supposed to love and the little life of the tiny person they helped create just because they don't want to pay support or because a baby will cramp their life style.

    I'm glad that someone turned him in for having that gun. He must be a felon if he can't have a gun. Another one of those solid citizens we have heard so much of. I wonder if he murdered her with that gun and someone knew it?

    I also wonder why LE decided to go to that area to look for her. Almost seems that someone pointed them in the right direction.

    My heart goes out to this family. I'm glad that their daughter was found so they at least don't have to sit and wonder and live that nightmare.

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    I cant believe the numbers of women being murdered by their husband/BF .it should be a happy loving time for these women instead of losing their life to the *******s they lived with.

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    According to the Oprah show (if I'm remembering correctly), the number one cause of young women's violent deaths was pregnancy.

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    Police are still working this case. For an investigation update go to link.

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    Sounds like Le are putting the case together and are very thoughtful to the victims family. KUDOS to them.

    Thank God this felons are foolish enough to illegal pocess guns. So many are initially arrested on this and held,... before charged with the murder.

    Crispin Jesus...what a name!!!

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    The only MSM update I could find is subscription-only, but the little bit I can read does state that the murder of Maria Lopez is unsolved as of August 10, 2014.


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