The obstruction of justice trial for Sidney Moorer, the man accused of kidnapping missing woman Heather Elvis and obstructing the investigation into her disappearance, is scheduled to begin on Monday.

Moorer is charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly lying to investigators about making a call to Elvis from a pay phone on the night of her disappearance in December 2013. This was revealed during his first trial last year, which was for a kidnapping charge.

The defendant previously appeared in court at the end of July for a hearing to discuss issues ahead of the start of the Aug. 28 trial, including a motion by the defense to suppress evidence.

His initial 2016 kidnapping trial ended in a mistrial. A new trial date has not yet been set on that charge.

Tammy Moorer is also charged with kidnapping in the case, but she has yet to go to trial on her charge. A date has not been scheduled.