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    Guillotine-Firebomb suicide goes awry

    This is really sad. Along with being bizarre and wacky, and something for some people to laugh about... it's just sad.

    A 40-something year-old NH man named David Moore apparently decides to kill himself (out of the blue, according to friends- but this scenario likely took weeks of planning). He allegedly rigged up an elaborate guillotine to behead himself and a fire-bomb system to burn the house down after he was beheaded.

    But- the poorly-made guillotine malfunctioned, apparently leaving him with a fatal "gash" to the back of his neck.

    He then managed to make his way through the house, about 20 feet, to his bedroom, according to the trail of "dried blood" found in the house- and died. When? Who knows! That is another really sad part of this. He likely lay dead in there for more than a month, given family and neighbors' recollections of when they last saw him.

    Right, the firebombs never went off. See, the power strip that the bottles of accelerant were wired into was turned off (uh, this guy was working as an electrician???) Did he manage to shut it off because he thought he might live and didn't want to burn to death? Or did he forget to turn the power strip on in the first place? Ugh, I feel so bad for this man and his family (he has a young daughter, they say).

    What pain and mental illness would cause someone to do this, in such an involved and twisted manner... and then screw it up so completely?
    Officials: Belmont suicide carefully planned

    A man who was discovered dead during a welfare check by police on Monday had put a lot of effort into planning his suicide but authorities say the plan did not work out as intended.

    David Moore, 47, of 10 Silkwood Ave. had used common household items to build a guillotine and to rig his home to explode into flames after his death, but both efforts failed.

    The homemade guillotine failed to decapitate Moore, only partially lacerating his neck, and he likely bled to death, authorities said.

    The bottles of gasoline that had been inserted into the walls of his home and connected to a surge protector that apparently was intended to ignite the vapors and incinerate the house failed to catch fire.
    Belmont man planned grisly suicide with guillotine, homemade bombs

    With common items such as concrete blocks, a saw blade, bare wires and gasoline, a despondent David Moore devised systems that would first kill him and then turn his home into a funeral pyre. Neither worked as planned.

    Man kills himself with guillotine

    A Belmont resident killed himself with a homemade guillotine after lining his walls with electronic Molotov cocktails so that his house would burn down, officials said. The fire-starting devices failed to work. The man's death was discovered Monday evening, when the Belmont police responded to a call asking them to check on the resident at 10 Silkwood Ave., according to Sgt. Andy Parsons of the state police's bomb squad.

    "He had not been heard from or seen by his family since Thanksgiving," he said.
    Suicide perpetuates stereotype

    As to the failure of the schemeís pyrotechnic component, some have speculated that he elected not to activate the in-wall Molotov cocktails out of consideration for his neighbors, whose homes might have been at risk if the fire was significant. I donít think so. Given the oversights in the guillotine construction and testing, I think a more likely explanation is that he simply forgot to turn the damn thing on.

    It would have been a different story if authorities had responded to a fire at Mooreís home, and after extinguishing it found an ingenious homemade guillotine with a charred and fully severed head sitting in a wastebasket at one end. As it stands, we have a depressed individual who pulled his own chain, but not knowing which end was up, fanned the flames of a pre-existing notion that here in New Hampshire, we donít know **** from Shinola.
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    That would be my luck. Same for the --mouse burning down the house-- guy. At this point,I'm just glad I don't live in Romania,after reading all these stories here.

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