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    Robber meets his match

    PLYMOUTH, Mass. - Police shot and killed a 16-year-old boy early Tuesday after he drove a car at them while fleeing the scene of a possible burglary attempt, authorities said.


    Of coarse further down in the article this ****s mom is claiming her son was killed for no reason....LMAO attempting to kill a police officer is DEFINATELY a reason to splatter the punk.Sadly more police officers do not end such stupidity as these officers did,the prisons would be far less overcrowded if we weeded out the fools that resist from the start/
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    From the HUGE list of things wrong with this picture:

    1) Why was her 16 year old son was out at 3am on a school night?
    2) He was trying to break into a package store. (Charge 1)
    3) He fled from the cops. (Charge 2)
    4) He tried to run over the officers with a car (Charges 3 & 4)

    And her son was killed for no reason? What would she be saying to the wife and children of the dead officer had her son succeeded in running one of them over? His family would be asking her why their husband was killed for no reason.

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    bugaboo- To answer your question, the mother would not be saying anything to the officer's family. She simply would not give a rat's tail about them. Sad, but most likely the case.

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