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    The Florida Keys have opened 4 shelters as a last resort. This is your last opportunity to seek shelter if you do not evacuate the Keys today:

    The four shelters will open at 7 p.m. Saturday. No services will be available at those sites. And, they only will be open until tropical storm force winds subside.

    With Irma becoming a bigger threat to the Keys with its latest shift, county managers decided to open these buildings to provide a safe location to ride out the storm. Irma could make landfall somewhere in the Middle Keys early Sunday morning with potentially catastrophic winds, then continue toward the Southwest coast. These shelters will close again after the unsafe weather conditions have passed. They are not recovery shelters.

    The shelters are:

    ▪ Coral Shores High School; 89951 Overseas Hwy; Plantation Key FL 33036 (MM89.9 ocean side)

    ▪ Marathon High School; 350 Sombrero Road; Marathon, FL 33050 (MM 50 ocean side)

    ▪ Sugarloaf School; 225 Crane Blvd.; Sugarloaf Key, FL (MM 19 gulf side)

    ▪ Key West High School; 2100 Flagler Ave.; Key West, FL 33040 (MM 2)

    Should you decide to shelter in place, you may register your location with Monroe County. To register download the Virtual Badge app https://www.virtualbadge.com/ to your smartphone and complete the registration form.


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    Live Duval Street (Key West) Webcam:


    I occasionally see cars, people on bicycles, people walking around. WTF, just the tourists evacuated Key West?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcgladr View Post
    It sounds like a lot of people are staying in place to ride out the storm. May I ask why? I don't think I'd stay with even a Cat 3 predicted to go over my home! But then I am a Pacific NW girl who has never experienced a hurricane and hopefully will not. We have enough to worry about up here with the "big one" earthquake looming over our heads and the whole place on fire! I hope for the best outcome for all of you down South. Stay safe!

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    From feedback from friends and family that are in the direct path:

    #1. We have too many adults (5) and pets (9) for one car

    #2. My daughter and SIL are here in this area with 5 grandchildren, and they are not leaving and we cannot leave them, we have to take care of them and the pets

    #3. We cannot get a flight out, and cannot drive with disabled elderly parent

    #4.... more reasons....

    so, I"m just

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    Good morning! Thread #2 is open for posting. Please start making the move over. This thread will be closing in a few minutes. Stay safe everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by CARIIS View Post
    Caught red pawed!

    Miss Lady Love Bug has just received her 4,214 CCC- Counter Climbing Citation!

    She currently owes the court $475,215 in Milk Bones, This includes late fees she has been able to get waived by pulling the little look at your little lady bug face act.

    Right in the action!

    humm humm
    I love it! miss Lady Bug either is carrying on "as usual" or telling you to get out now..... I am worried about you there, CARIIS. Please, please keep posting (until you can't. )

    Quote Originally Posted by Skully View Post
    So we are now expecting a direct hit with a CAT 3 over my house. The house should be up for it, we are not in a flood zone, but my phone keeps going off with these Hurricane emergency warnings, scaring the crap out of me! We are stocked with water, food, small gen, but there is no plywood to be had at this point. If I can use my computer here and there, I will check in after the back surge goes through. I have to admit, I am a bit scared now, not for myself but for my whole community, the whole state, this is going to be very bad. At least I have some great friends at the HCSO that I can call, help, do what ever is needed after the storm. A long time ago, I saw a video of a recreation of what Tampa would experience if this ever happened, if I find it, I will post a link. Water surge in Tampa Bay is a very bad thing.

    Oh no, Skully! I hope you stay safe and not too damaged. This is much too scary for me, and getting worse. please, please, please be careful.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bently View Post
    While some came up earlier in the week to Georgia, others in my family in Pinellas County/Tampa Bay area packed up their car at midnight last night to head here.

    Then they decided against it, fearing there wouldn't be any gas along the way, and everything would be closed along the way.

    ETA: Skully, my family said they had been trying to call me all last night, but the phone calls wouldn't go through. Text did intermittently. They asked me to keep my facebook open for communications.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bently View Post
    Just got a call from friends who live on Tampa Bay, Pinellas side. They just left the house, and wanted to make sure I had room as I had done a shout out on Facebook saying all are welcome. They are headed to my house, with their 3 dogs.
    Gaah .... wish they had left sooner and were out of there now. Hoping your friends made it out in time to reach your home. you are such a kind person, Bently. Enjoy the crowded house and all the lives you kept safe.

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    Closed to posting. Please continue on Thread #2

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