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    Questions about internet abbreviations as I JUST GOT what "BUMP" means...

    There's probably more. Since there's no lifestyles links, I thought I could ask people to post other abreviations here. I've been on the internet for several years now, however, I have never asked what several abreviations mean. Just learned through osmossis...

    SO if anyone wants to post here... IE: LOL (means laugh out loud...), etc...

    ???? IS there anyone else like me that is afraid to ask what certain things mean? Here we go with this post to get some answers...

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    I'll try to find a link ... there are many sets out there on the net that would help you.

    What I want to know is how to change "Registered User" (it used to say, Contender, Bronze, Silver, Gold, WS Addict or some other line) to something else. I see several people figured it out so either I'm tired or wil have a "doh" moment when someone explains. Oooh! I figure out colors and fonts! Couldn't do that on old board...it totally baffled me.
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    Here's one list of internet acronyms. This might help, of course YMMV


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    What does BUMP mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsquared
    What does BUMP mean?
    You know how when you post on a thread and the latest (time-wise) post shows up at the top?

    Typing anything will bring the thread back, most posters use the word "bump" as in bumping to the top.

    Most of the time a thread starter will type in bump to bring their thread back into "current" status.

    OR in LE terms:
    (example: when 1 officer wants to talk via the radio to another officer and the contacted officer is busy, the first officer may say "bump me when you get a minute", this means contact me when you get a minute.

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