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    NY - Carmine Carini, 35, found murdered, Brooklyn, 30 Aug 2017

    The body was discovered Saturday morning, when a pedestrian noticed the body wrapped in a blue tarp and bobbing on the waves off the nearby docks. The tarp was wrapped up with duct tape and the man’s legs were fastened to a cinder block.

    Police say the body had some level of decomposition.


    The man died of blunt force trauma to the head. This individual was wrapped in black plastic bags and his arms were tied behind him,” detectives said. “His feet were submerged in poured concrete, obviously a homicide.”

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    Dead man found in Brooklyn waters chained to cinderblock identified as mobster's son

    A Brooklyn man whose body was found stabbed, wrapped in a tarp and chained to a cinderblock is the son of a mobster who did 23 years in prison for murder, police sources said Tuesday.

    The body of Carmine Carini, 35, was found Saturday in the waters off Ave. U and E. 58th St. — just a few blocks from his house in Mill Basin.
    Lots more info at link: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/...icle-1.3470780

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