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    Quote Originally Posted by Harmony
    I am not aware of a witness list... sorry niner... lady justice has the full court videos that you can view later if you miss anything.
    Thanks Harmony! I know the link is "somewhere" here - could you post it? TIA! or I can wait for the new thread to open....

    Quote Originally Posted by dog.gone.cute
    snipped by me....
    I'll send up a big red flag to you when the A's and the immunity bunch are called to testify.

    Quote Originally Posted by dog.gone.cute
    Give that person with a cough a shot of the good stuff... probably help them as well
    That person (woman) must be close to one of the microphones, cause it sure sounds close to it!!

    Quote Originally Posted by katydid
    judge: must exclude the evidence because of unfair prejudice---
    DARN!!! Jury won't heart any of that
    unfair prejudice.... he's on trial for murder!!!! To have to look at his character, etc., etc..... I'll never understand this "unfair prejudice" stuff!!

    Quote Originally Posted by lonetraveler
    No, but I'm still cleaning cabbage out of my keyboard. LOL
    sorry.... but I almost did something similiar...

    Plumeria5 - I too didn't realize that a few drops were a pool of blood!

    Again - thanks for everyone that posted re trial! Very much appreciated. I noticed it ended about 1:30am my time - I was already fast asleep!

    Oh - I noticed no one responded to this:
    Quote Originally Posted by Fence sitter
    Can someone explain or elaborate on the photo in the year book of the neighbour (was it)? What was that about
    I too would like to know "what" that was about? Anyone??

    I see the title of this thread is for Sept 11 & 12 - does that mean we get a "new" thread for today??

    See you all in about 4 hours!
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    Good morning!
    We have a new thread for today's court proceedings. Please make your way over by clicking the link below:


    This thread is now closed...
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