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    If you were the Rams...........

    If you were the Rams, and let's say BR or a friend accidentally or intentionally killed JBR, how would you have all handled it. I guess I know the answer.
    You would have all called the police and would have come clean about the whole situation, knowing what was at stake. I guess the bottom line is............
    The truth shall set you free. I'm guessing you all would have called the police, not done a cover-up, and told the truthfrom the beginning??
    Perhaps this is a dumb question so just ignore it.
    I often wonder how I would have handled it if I were in Amber Frey's situation. I hope and pray when I was in my 20's that I wouldn't have been too afraid to call the police and play along with the taping.
    If there's one lesson I've learned, it's to always do the right thing when it comes
    down to it, no matter what could be at stake, or fear I might have. I hope I'm
    never in that position.

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    I really do not know what I would do if one of my young children killed the other.

    I can't say. It's too horrible to contemplate. I think a lot would depend on the circumstances.
    This is only my opinion

    Let the focus be on Madeleine

    Together we can make a difference

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    I don't know exactly what I would do either...BUT I would not write a ransom note, I would not jam anything inside my child and I certainly wouldn't tape & tie and stage a crime scene

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