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    MO - Angie Housman, 9, St Louis, 18 Nov 1993

    St. Louis, MO November 18, 1993, Angie Housman, a trusting fourth-grader, vanished after getting off her school bus up the street from her home. Nine days after her disappearance, a deer hunter found her body in a wooded area. Angie had been tied to a tree and died slowly of exposure. She had been raped and tortured. "When we found her, there was a pile of ice chips on top of her." Police found a bag with Angie's clothes, schoolbooks and a coat nearby. Schrader says Angie must have been held alive for about a week before being taken to the woods. During that time, she was molested, he said.

    Detectives have tracked down more than 300 leads in their fruitless investigation into Angie's death.
    Investigators have been unable to link anyone to the evidence gathered at the crime scene - a patch of woods 91 feet from a dead-end road known as a lover's lane and teen hangout.

    "We've got evidence, but we haven't been able to match it with anyone," Hughes said. In the six years since Angie's killing, investigators have received thousands of leads from around the country, but the case remains unsolved. Schrader says that he hopes the reward money will encourage anyone who may know anything about the case to call St. Ann police at (314) 428-6822.

    I am posting a lot of info... hope it helps
    Feel free to jump right in... I know there's lot more info at St. Louis Dispatch but I don't have subscription... sorry.
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    St. Louis, Dispatch: Most investigators believe that Angie knew her killer, at least slightly, and that her innocence made her an easy mark. "It's our feeling she got in a car on her own," Hughes said. "She was starved for affection. She told people, `I want to be your friend.' She was a little more trusting than many kids."

    Another Major Case squad investigator added: "We've learned that Angie would meet you two or three times and you were her friend. We've been told that she'd go up to people and say, `Hi. My name is Angie. Are you my friend?' "She was looking for attention."

    The day before Angie was abducted, she told a teacher at school that she was planning to go to the country the next day with a relative. Police have thoroughly explored that lead, Hughes said.

    It's possible she could have met a man, her new friend, who told her to call him uncle. Hughes believes that whoever killed Angie remains in the St. Louis area. "Personally, I think everything is right here, but we just haven't been able to put our finger on it. "I've been wrong before, but I've got a gut feeling that's it's all right here. We just can't hit the right nail on the right head.

    The day of Angie's abduction, it was a fluke that no one saw a thing. A neighbor usually is positioned at her window, watching the children get off the bus, but she didn't do so that day. Another neighbor who normally stands on her front porch was away to tend to her sick father. The Housman case is by far the longest consecutive investigation in the Major Case Squad's 28-year history.

    Angie's case has long been associated with the case of Cassidy Senter but Cassidy's case has been solved and prosecuted. Thomas Brooks was found guilty and sentenced to death. Thomas Brooks, 33, died on May 16th at the Moberly Prison. He'd been transferred there for treatment of an undisclosed long-term illness.

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    Past Suspects:

    John Wayne Parsons in Bradenton, Fla. Parsons is an admitted child molester, but the evidence didn't link him to Angie's murder. And investigators can't place him in the area at the time of her disappearance. Parsons became a suspect after he left photographs of children to be developed. The woman who owns the film-processing store became suspicious about Parson's snapshots of children in provocative poses. She told police, who raided his home in Florida and found hundreds of pornographic photos - and a tie to the Housman case. Parsons had in his home a newspaper clipping about Angie's death and a newspaper color photograph of Angie. Detectives arrested Parsons and he was charged with molesting a girl, 9, in his home. He was caring for the girl while her mother was in jail. They also arrested Parsons on a Missouri arrest warrant accusing him of sodomy and sexual assault of a 9-year-old.

    Un-named Illinois man. St. Ann police say a man, who was once considered a potential suspect, was in jail at the time of Angie's murder. The Illinois man had once been accused of abducting, raping and tying an Indiana girl to a tree. Itís the same thing that happened to Angie Houseman in November of 1993. August 16, 2004

    Gary Howard Stufflebean, Dec. 18, 1993. Suspect charged in WELLSTON,Mo. Nov. 8, 1993 abduction. A man was charged today with sexual abuse and attempted kidnapping in the failed abduction last month of a 12-year-old sub-urban St.Louis girl. Gary Howard Stufflebean was being held on $500,000 Stufflebeanbond, said St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch, adding that authorities hadn't ruled Stufflebean out as a suspect in other cases.

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    Forensics crime fighters from around the world have converged in St. Louis this week, to trade secrets. A lot has changed since the first fingerprints were taken in St. Louis 100 years ago. "We will open the case and we will capture the image." A technician with Motorola's mobile automated fingerprint identification system shows off their latest breakthrough: a wireless fingerprint center, "and you see the fingerprint sensor shows in the fingerprint." Accessing the FBI's database, "you can bring up the mug shot and you can see demographic information." Fingerprints aren't new to St. Louis. In fact, London's Scotland Yard unveiled the identification method 100 years ago, at the 1904 Worlds Fair and St. Louis was the first city in the nation to adopt the system.

    This week, nearly 1,200 members of the International Association for Identification are meeting at the Adams Mark hotel. "That's the bullet hole right there," says Jon Goldy as he dons a pair of ultraviolet shades, and shows us how with different wavelengths of light, fingerprints, semen, even blood, can be revealed with this portable crime scope. "All the specs that floress around it, that's all the gunshot residue," Goldy explains. "You can even find bruises, bite marks that aren't visible with the naked eye." The IAI has members in 51 countries world wide, from Korea, to the United Kingdom. Janet Richardson is a forensic artist from Northhamptonshire, England, "You can learn so much from your peers, which keep up with techniques, share our mistakes as well as our successes. "What may interest local investigators is the new technology that may breathe new life into old cases".

    Case in point, a Swedish firm has developed a process to get fingerprints off the sticky side of duct tape. It was the St. Charles County crime lab that retrieved fingerprints from tape recovered in the Angie Houseman abduction murder in 1993. The prints belong to her killer.

    Investigators with the St. Charles County Sheriff's Department say three members of their department are attending this conference. So far, no one has been able to find a match for the fingerprints obtained in the Housman case.

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    Other unsolved abductions in Missouri:

    * Scott Allen Kleeschulte, 9, who disappeared near his St. Charles home on the night of a thunderstorm in 1988.
    *Arlin Henderson, 11, who disappeared in 1991 riding his bicycle near Moscow Mills in Lincoln County.
    * Donna Jean Mezo, 16, who was visiting relatives in Belleville when she disappeared in 1992.
    *Heather Kullorn, 12, disappeared in July 1999 from an apartment in Richmond Heights. Police have received leads, but made no arrests.

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    More information that may or may not be helpful:

    217. Diane Marie Housman (Barbara Hauck-6, Curtis Elvin-5, Frank Theodore-4, John Theodore-3, Wilhelm (William)-2, Sebastain Weneslaus (Wessel)-1) was born about 1963.

    Diane Marie Housman and Ronald Bone Sr. were married on 17 Nov. Ronald Bone Sr. (son of Jon Ronald Bone and Jeanette) was born about 1962. He was an Auto Tech. Diane Marie Housman and Ronald Bone Sr. had the following children:

    i. Angie Marie Housman was born on 18 Feb 1984 in Missouri. She died killed at the hand of a kidnaper on 27 Nov 1993 in St. Ann, St. Louis Co., Missouri. She is the step-daughter of Ronald Bone. Angie was kidnapped on November 18, 1993. Angie was 9 years old when two deer hunters found her body in the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area. Angie had died from exposure.

    ii. Ronald Walter Bone Jr. was born on 12 Apr 1991.

    iii. Richie Earl Bone was born on 6 Jun 2003.

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    Is anyone familiar with the August A. Busch Wildlife Conservation Area? In the news articles it mentions she was found near a road referred to as a "lovers lane". Anyone know which street is being reffered to?

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    Does anyone know if LE ever checked if Thomas Brooks, the man who killed Cassidy Senter, was ever looked at as a suspect? He is deceased but I am sure his prints are on file.

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    Busch's wildlife area is spooky to me...probably because I'm too paranoid but it's remote and you could certainly do anything in there without being seen. I think that the Cassidy Senter case and Angie Housman's case were investigated and ruled to be unrelated. I know it was looked at hard at the time. I hope this family gets resolution at some point. Such a horrible way to know that your baby spent her last hours...someone should pay for that.

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    Angie Housman

    Hey YaYa!

    Isn't there a way to get the people from Court TV, "Cold Cases" or a psychic to look into Angie's murder investigation. It just seems that St. Ann Police Department has dropped the ball on this.

    Has her mother tried any of the leading psychics, to your knowledge. My girls were Angie's age when she disappeared and it has never stopped bothering me.

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    In one of my previous posts I mentioned that my dad was accused of stalking one of my teachers around the time Angie was murdered. Well I just uncovered some details about it. The petition for an order of protection against my dad was filed only 2 months after Angie was murdered.

    01/18/1994 Docket Entry: Filing:

    Docket Entry: Filing:

    Docket Entry: Filing:

    Docket Entry: Other Final Disposition

    01/31/1994 Docket Entry: Filing:

    02/03/1994 Docket Entry: Filing:

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishi114
    Hey YaYa!

    Isn't there a way to get the people from Court TV, "Cold Cases" or a psychic to look into Angie's murder investigation. It just seems that St. Ann Police Department has dropped the ball on this.

    Has her mother tried any of the leading psychics, to your knowledge. My girls were Angie's age when she disappeared and it has never stopped bothering me.

    They don't profile cases that haven't been solved yet.

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    Sable, I don't know if adding your father to a suspects list was a hard decision for you, none the less, I am sorry it is one you had to make. Thank you for coming forward with the new information.

    How did LE respond to this information? Did they seem interested? I hope they took you seriously. One never knows who holds that one small lead that will solve a case or get it moving in the right direction.

    I'll be thinking of you.

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    I wouldn't say it was hard for me to make the call and tell LE. It was and still is a little nerve wracking though. Especially everyday that passes without them calling me to say he couldn't have done it. I've had my boyfriend teach me some self defense moves, and I worry about my mom and younger sister because he knows where they live. When I initially called in the tip I was asked questions about why I think he could be responsible, what's his birthday, how old is he, etc. along with being asked for contact information for myself and my mom. LE seemed interested, and I've called back a couple times since then to ask if they've found anything or to tell them something I may have forgotten to mention. As of right now my dad hasn't been cleared of the possibility, and if they find anything they'll let me know.

    I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeana (DP)
    They don't profile cases that haven't been solved yet.
    Sorry to sidetrack this thread, but a sister show featuring the "real facts" in cold cases that remain unsolved may get some real results. I'm already a "Cold Case" junky - I wouldn't leave A&E if they started another one!!


    Eery and sad story about your dad. Good job for speaking up even though you feel he's a potential threat. Best wishes to you and your family.

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