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    Quote Originally Posted by Elainera View Post
    Can't age be at least approximately determined? Wisdom teeth for example don't erupt before age 17. Maybe applicants who seem a bit too 'mature' should be evaluated by a dentist.
    There are many ways of determining a person's age. Teeth, bones, hair will give a good indication. And what is wrong with bringing your passport? They were invented for a reason!

    The really odd thing that no one explains is why on earth do European countries accept persons of whom they know nothing?? on the basis of stories that cannot be verified at all??

    in Sweden, it used to be that if a 'youngster' looked like under 40, he would be classified as a minor. One can be a grandparent at that age. But no questions asked. Because it would be unfriendly to refugees to doubt their story.

    Last week I read a report that Austria (?) accepts minors as refugees while they do not know the identity of 90% of them. Nine out of ten have a story and identity that cannot be verified. They Just Don't Know. Yet they hand over the money.

    Imagine going to a bank and shouting: Hey give me money, I need it! And then getting away with a lot of it.

    IMHO there is no legal ground to support somone with free food, free lodiging, free education and free healthcare if you cannot even determine that they are entitled to that. Yet this is happening, and the difference with the treatment of us lesser mortals could not be more striking.

    It won't last, but this has been going on for far too long.

    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity ~ Hanlon's Razor

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    The Parsons Green bombing suspectwas arrested by chance when two unarmed officers spotted him at the Port of Dover as he tried to flee the country, it has emerged.

    The 18-year-old, who is suspected of placing the powerful device on a rush hour tube train on Friday morning, was detained by Kent police as he tried to purchase a ferry ticket to Calais.

    The country had been warned that a terrorist attack could be “imminent” after the Parsons Green suspect fled the scene and went on the run.

    It was feared he could be planning another bomb attack, or could be part of a wider network of terrorists.

    But his arrest at Dover suggests he was trying to escape rather than martyr himself in another attack.

    Eyewitnesses described seeing the teenager, who is believed to be from Iraq, being spoken to calmly by two officers, before armed police moved in to arrest him.

    Tourist Daniel Vaselicu, 31, said he saw the “young and light-skinned” man being interrogated by two unarmed police officers moments before his arrest in Dover.

    He said: “My opinion was that he was a homeless guy and that’s why they were interrogating him. He was looking normal, not fighting or worried or concerned.”


    Two unarmed police officers approach a bombing suspect. Whoever told them this was a good idea?
    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity ~ Hanlon's Razor

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    Trial of alleged London bomber hears of subway fireball


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