Name - Helen Eileen Robinson (

Last Seen - 03/23/1981 (some reports indicate 02/16/1982)

Missing From - Zanesville, Ohio

Age - 57

Race - White

Sex - Female

Hair Color - Brown

Eye Color - Brown

Height - 65

Weight - 175

Medical Details - Several surgical scars (unspecified in nature), suffered from heart disease and emphysema (which required her to take medication and carry a portable oxygen tank in her car with her).

Clothing - Black and beige ski jacket, blue jeans and glasses with brown-tinted yellow frames.

Circumstances - The MP was last sighted at her home in Zanesville, and has never been seen again. She drove a 1976 Olive-Green Plymouth Duster (with a CB radio antenna attached to the rear), which was recovered two years later at Port Columbus Airport, and later sold at an auction. Several years after her disappearance, a local woman received a birthday card signed off by 'Helen'. The MP's daughter believes that this was her handwriting, but her whereabouts remains unknown.

Namus lists the date of disappearance as 02/16/1982, but a year earlier a newspaper article from 04/01/1981 discusses her disappearance, and all other newspaper articles from the local newspaper (The Times Recorder) refer to her disappearance as having taken place in 1981.