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    NY - Paul Sekel, 22, Johnstown, 20 April 1982

    Name - Paul J. Sekel

    Last Seen -

    Missing From -
    Johnstown, New York

    Age -

    Race -

    Sex -

    Hair Color -
    Brown (Curly in style)

    Eye Color -

    Height -

    Weight -
    180 - 185

    Medical Details -
    Scar on left side of chest, scar (T-Shaped) along right hairline, bump on surface of right foot and pierced left ear. Possible internal brain injury from previous accident.

    Clothing -
    Jeans and a dark blue nylon zippered jacket and a hood that zips into the collar. Jacket has a round emblem of "Underwater Sports of Jersey" on it. Size ten brown laced suede shoes and gold chain necklace. Possibly was wearing a belt with large buckle (stones on edges of buckle with a horse in the center). Other reports indicate dark blue windbreaker, t-shirt and dungarees.

    Circumstances*(The section marked in italics was reported to authorities, but has not been confirmed to be accurate) -
    The MP was last seen at a Johnstown, NY bar at around 9pm, where he told a friend he was ‘going out’ and promptly left. Around 11pm, the MP called a friend and told him his car had broken down on a back road in Fulton County. Upon arrival, the friend found the MP with two white clean-shaven men in their twenties, driving a white Monte Carlo with NJ plates. At 3am, the friend again received a call from the MP, saying he had won money at a casino in Atlantic City, NJ, and would be home at the end of the weekend. The MP has never been heard from again, and police have some doubt as to the credibility of the last testimony. The MP’s car was discovered on April 21st in the same position as it broke down. The MP had previously been involved in a car accident whilst riding his motorcycle, and had required brain surgery. There is a possibility the MP has amnesia, but authorities suspect he met with foul play. The MP has not picked up any checks from his place of employment, and his family are adamant he wouldn’t disappear voluntarily. Six months after his disappearance, he was reportedly seen in Monmouth County, NJ. The MP is originally from Cliffwood Beach, Aberdeen Township, NJ, and graduated from Matawan Regional High School in 1978.

    Namus: https://www.findthemissing.org/cases/8228
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