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    Possible Connections

    I am just stunned by the similarities, proximity and the timing of this case...

    According to the list of persons who will give testimony in the trial of LLW2, there is a woman named G. D. She says she was assaulted in August 30, 1974 in St. Cloud Minnesota at knifepoint by LLW2, before she was able to break free and run away from him.

    So we know LLW2 was in St. Cloud MN on August 30, 1974, and he had a knife.

    Three days later on Monday / Labor Day, September, 2, 1974, two SISTERS Mary and Susanne Reker, ages 15 and 12 left their house around 11:15am and walked about a mile from their house to a local shopping center Zayre's store to go shopping for school supplies. They supposedly were seen talking to a creepy male, and the younger sister was overheard saying to the older sister, "I don't want to go with that man, I don't like him, let's not."

    Around 6pm when they had not returned home, their parents went to the police. 26 days later their bodies were found stabbed in an abandoned quarry. Mary's clothing had been cut up into pieces.

    I'm having a hard time thinking this is all just a coincidence that LLW2 happened to be in St. Cloud, Minnesota, with a knife at the same time two young sisters disappeared after walking from their home to a shopping center.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BethInAK View Post
    I went to school in media from 1974-1979 and remember a situation in about 1978 or 1979. I was 9 or 10. I had to stay after school for a performance later and for some reason my mother allowed me to go get dinner by myself in the cute town of Media. Media is the county seat and was pretty safe at the time. I walked downtown from school (a couple of blocks) got a scotties sub, visited the costume store, and headed back towards school.

    About a block away a man pulled his car up next to me. He called out to me and asked me where I was going. I said I was going back to school. He asked me a couple of more questions and at some point he told me he would give me a ride. At this point I became afraid and RAN down the street towards my school, stopping at the corner to make sure it was safe to cross. He pulled up next to me again and asked me why I "took off like that". I was very scared at this point but from this corner I could actually see my school and I mumbled something about how I was back at school now, ran across the street and into the very safe feeling lobby of my wonderful little school.

    I have some recollection of this mans car and what he looked like. I wonder if this person is related to Wendy Eatons disappearance. Its a small town, you know?
    This is eerily similar what happened to me in northern New Jersey in 1974 when a man asked me directions while I was on the way to school, followed me to stranger's house where I'd told him I lived, and then circled the block multiple times while I hid in bushes. He was angry and shouted that he knew I was there.

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    Amazing the things we do as children out of fear, not knowing what to do, thinking we will be accused of doing something to cause it, or being afraid we will not be believed if we tell. I have a similar story from the mid 60's as a teen in Maryland and again in the early 70's as a young adult in Maryland. There were a lot of missing young girls/ladies in those years up and down the eastern seaboard states. I wonder how many events went unreported?
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