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    SAS launch mission to kill Osama Bin Laden Jr In Syria

    The SAS is apparently being sent to ‘kill or capture’ Osama bin Laden’s son. Hamza bin Laden, 28, is said to be the new man in charge at al-Qaida, which is a big concern for intelligence services in Britain and the US.

    Hamza is apparently still upset Navy Seals killed his dad in 2011, and is thought to want revenge on the West. He reportedly left his father’s hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan, weeks prior to him being shot dead.

    Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/10/01/sas-la...1/?ito=cbshare
    Two innocent teenagers Abigail Williams and Liberty German were murdered just over a year ago in Delphi, Indiana. If you know the man who could be responsible please call the tip line. There is a reward of $250,000 - Tel- 844.459.5786 or email: abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.com

    May this be the year there is justice for Abigail and Liberty and William Tyrrell and Jessica Heeringa are found.

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    Where are they (Metro got it from the Daily Star, link below) getting the information? I have trouble believe the SAS would broadcast this.

    REVEALED: SAS mission to take out Osama's son Hamza Bin Laden

    Now a Joint Coalition Special Operations Unit, including 40 SAS soldiers, have been flown into Syria on a covert mission to find Hamza and his gang.

    They plan to kill them with a drone strike or if possible capture them alive.

    The SAS team and their US colleagues are supported by spy planes and drones who can identify communications chatter using hi-tech voice-recognition systems.
    The Daily Mail doesn't offer much help.

    SAS launch mission to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden's son in Syria before he can copy his father and organise terror attacks against the West

    A senior source told the Daily Star: 'Technology is at the forefront in tracking people such as Hamza, but a source on the ground who has identified him and gained additional intelligence is worth his weight in gold.
    The SAS soldiers in conjunction with the US are using high-tech spy planes, drones and voice-recognition systems in a bid to find and locate Hamza, with the aim to either kill him or bring him in alive. 'To track someone you need to know where to look. We rely on local sources and you cannot beat the "Mark One Eyeball" when it comes to human intelligence gathering."
    BBM ?

    Also from the Daily Star:
    Top scientist Brian Cox breaks silence on Nibiru as fears mount world will end in WEEKS
    Yellowstone supervolcano ‘could be struck by huge HYDROTHERMAL ERUPTION’
    Signs North Korea about to fire nuclear missile at US TODAY

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