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    Woman found dead in lift after 16 days

    A REPAIRMAN has found a woman dead in the lift of her apartment block in the Serbian capital Belgrade at least 16 days after it broke down, reports say.

    The body of Adile Crnisanin, 26, was discovered in the lift which had become jammed between floors of her seven-storey apartment block, in suburban Medakovic shortly before New Year's Eve, local newspapers said.

    The victim was not noticed until after the Serbian holiday period ended, when the management of the building arranged for a repairman to fix the lift.

    "Nobody had suspected anything because the elevators were often broken down," one of the residents of the building said. Her family had not sought her because they thought she had gone to visit her husband in Novi Pazar, about 250km south of Belgrade.
    16 days .

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    That is terrible! I assume that she would have been yelling and stomping about trying to get help - no one heard her? That's like something straight out of a nightmare.

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    Oh my gosh,
    What an awful tragedy!
    That poor woman.

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